Toddler Swing Seat, 7 ft

WOW! The Toddler Seat is a truly unique swing invention that makes it possible for toddlers to self-propel before they fully master the cross-coordination skills that conventional swinging takes. When seated, the toddler can push and pull the front chains and set the seat in motion. This is an exciting event for toddlers, who have a strong drive to do things on their own but often need help. The feeling of independence is priceless to young toddlers and it boosts their sel- confidence. Apart from being great fun, swinging on the Toddler Seat trains important gross motor skills such as the sense of balance when seated and moving. Additionally, it is a good training of muscles as the trunk stability and pushing and pulling with arms all take some force. The creates a truly social-emotionally as well as physically stimulating swing seat.