Multi Deck Play Tower

The Multi Deck Play Tower is an ultimate thrilling play attraction for toddlers. The many play features support social-emotional and physical growth for toddlers. Looping up the inclined net access or the accessible stairway and down the slides stimulates the proprioception and sense of balance, both fundamental for mastering any physical activity. Climbing the net, children stimulate their cross-coordination, which is fundamental skill for later reading skills. The wackle bridge invites balance challenges with friends, encouraging cooperation and consideration. The sense of achievement when crossing is evident in children. Play panels invite exploration across the play structure: The desk with conveyor belt stimulates cross-modal perception which again benefits language skills. The clock and faces panel supports the understanding of time, space and measures as well as emotional expressions. The tactile abacus allows for cognitive play and counting numbers in games. In total: lots of beneficial play in little space.