The Lhotse offers a wealth of varied climbing and sliding. With play on all sides and plenty of ground level offerings, children will enhance their development in all areas, and they will come back for more play again and again. Physical development is supported by the rich variation of balancing, climbing, sliding, and gliding. These activities build important motor skills like balance and coordination, which benefit children’s body confidence and ultimately self confidence when being able to master new activities with friends. These experiences are also enhanced by the access and egress points of the Lhotse, which offer graded play and different levels to enter at and grow onto mastering. This supports social-emotional skills, such as turn-taking, cooperation, and the feeling of achievement. With room for many to play and playful break points at either end, the Lhotse offers points for an active break, too, with fun play panels and megaphones to signal and communicate with friends around the structure. This is a place for making friends in play.