Zipline, Flat Space

The Large Zipline is the ultimate daredevil attraction, and it is also appealing to those who are working toward building new skills. With its length and supportive seat and handhold, anyone can participate. And they'll come back for more again and again. The reason for this immense holding power lies mainly in the terrific thrill of gliding through the air. The feeling of weightlessness and swooshing through the air trains spatial awareness as well as the child's understanding of gravity, space and speed. This is necessary in safely managing crowded spaces such as traffic and streets. Children also develop social skills as they diligently pass the seat to the next user in line. The running and pulling involved in this trains the child's cardio as well as upper body muscles. All in all, the Large Zipline is an asset of play that unites generations and abilities as there is some way for almost everyone to use it.