Double Tower with Turbo Challenge

The Double Tower with Turbo Challenge is a wildly inviting play unit that attracts all children again and again. Thanks to its rich choice of play activities, there is no end to the fun. Climbing decks, rungs and nets lead to the tower, where the slide or the curly climber takes the child back to ground level in thrilling ways. The Curly Climber stimulates proprioception and sense of space and balance. There is also sense of wonder that stimulates thinking skills when children consider why they are rotating when using the Curly Climber. Sliding trains the senses of balance and space, important for managing the world confidently. The Turbo Challenge is great physical and social stimulation. Children cooperate and take turns while spinning, hanging in legs or arms. This trains the upper body muscles, proprioception and spatial awareness, important for confidently navigating the world.