8-Seat Frame H:2.5M, Steel

8-Seat Frame H:2.5M, Steel


Portal Swing Frame Combination

Key Features

KSW A-Frame Posts

The A-Frame is available in three post-material options: Hot-dip galvanized 70mm steel, impregnated pine wood 95x95mm with hot dip galvanized steel footings, or 120mm TexMade™ posts.

KSW A-Frame Crossbeam

The A-Frame is designed with a hot-dip galvanized 100mm crossbar with large steel end plates for strong fixation to the posts. The crossbeam is prepared for all KOMPAN hanger options.


The swing hangers are made of high quality UV-stabalized nylon (PA6) housing with integrated lifetime sealed ball bearings. The height adjustable chains are fixed by a stainless steel hook with theft proof snake-eye bolt in a turn able anti twist housing. All seats with two chain fixation are available with either standard or anti-wrap suspension.

SW_Heavy duty hangers

KOMPAN heavy duty designed swing hangers of stainless steel with anti-twist function. The hangers are attached to the cross beam on a welded bracket with two bolts, The bearings are embedded with silicone lubricant and needs no further lubrication.

KSW A-Frame Stability Panels

A-Frame GreenLine swings are equipped with stability panels to ensure frame durability. The panels are made of 19mm EcoCore™, a highly durable, eco-friendly material. EcoCore™ is not only recyclable after it's used, but it also consists of a core produced from 100% recycled post-consumer material from food packing waste.

Play system greenline

KOMPAN GreenLine versions are constructed with the most environmentally friendly materials with the lowest possible CO2e emission factor. TexMade posts, EcoCoreTM panels of 100% post-consumer recycled ocean waste, and molded PP decks.

2 - 12 Years2 - 12 Years
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48' 7"


7' 9"


8' 11"


Portal Swing Frame Combination



Total CO₂ emission (kg CO₂e)


CO₂e/kg (kg CO₂e/kg)


Recycled materials

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