Outdoor playgrounds for tweens and teenagers - GALAXY™ by KOMPAN

KOMPAN GALAXY™ is playground equipment designed for older children, tweens and teens to support their unique interests and play habits, including climbing, socialising and thrilling play.

The commercial GALAXY™ playground equipment for older kids is often used as a bridge between KOMPAN playgrounds and fitness sites. With its sleek curves and transparent design, GALAXY™ is a hit among Australian architects and developers, being recognised as the pioneer of contemporary playground designs. Not too long ago, tweens and even teenagers considered playgrounds as spaces meant for their younger siblings rather than their own enjoyment, and their reasoning was sound. It wasn't just a matter of market demand; there was a distinct cultural void that needed to be addressed. Fun and captivating playgrounds for teens and tweens were lacking, leaving them to their own devices far too often. To meet the need for teenage playground equipment, a complete rethink was required, going beyond mere refurbishments of conventional play techniques. That's when the commercial GALAXY™ play structures entered the scene. These futuristic play structures were unlike anything that came before them. They revolutionized the game and offered exceptional freestanding public play structures that featured interactive and dynamic activities tailored specifically for teenagers. Take a look at our extensive selection of playground equipment designed for teenagers below.

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Advantages of our GALAXY™ playground equipment for teens

2020 has reminded us of the incredible value of outdoor play, a quintessential part of the Aussie way of life. The recent global lockdown highlighted the absence of outdoor fun and reinforced the significance of fresh air for our well-being. Now, more than ever, we understand the true importance of playgrounds. For teenagers, engaging with our Galaxy™ playground equipment is a fantastic alternative to being glued to screens. Research shows that tweens absolutely love outdoor play if it offers exciting challenges suitable for their age. By providing them with top-notch playground equipment in parks or even school playgrounds, we not only encourage physical activity and enjoyable exercise but also create a 'cool' spot where they can chill with their mates. Let's make meeting at the playground a truly enticing proposition. Our GALAXY™ play structures for teens offer an array of thrilling challenges that enhance physical skills and provide Aussie tweens and teens with a place to foster their communication skills.

Play equipment tailored for Aussie teenagers

Leave behind the traditional post-and-platform and play tower designs! Our GALAXY™ play units are pioneers in transforming playgrounds into futuristic wonderlands, captivating the hearts of Aussie tweens and teenagers. The contemporary aesthetic of these play structures not only mesmerises but also resonates with their growing status and aspirations. Packed with dynamic and interactive features such as exhilarating climbing activities, these teen-centric commercial play structures are bound to ignite their adventurous spirits. Moreover, "age-appropriate" means they crave peer interaction, so it's essential to steer clear of play structures designed for younger children, as they may discourage active participation. If you're on the lookout for more top-notch playground equipment for tweens and teens, be sure to check out our thrilling climbing BLOQX or GIANT Playground towers.

Choosing the perfect playground equipment for teens

When selecting public playground equipment for Aussie teenagers, it's crucial to opt for age-appropriate play structures. You should also consider the playing capacity, size, and shape of your designated area. Don't hesitate to get in touch today to discover more about KOMPAN's wide range of products and services that unlock the gateway to the great outdoors, capturing the adventurous hearts of Aussie teens everywhere.

Frequently asked questions

Is all of GALAXY™ products listed on KOMPAN's website and catalogue?

No - without a doubt, this KOMPAN product stands out as exceptionally versatile. The super-structure boasts an almost infinite range of configurations in terms of size and layout. And let's not forget about the vibrant colours! The PET components are available in shades of blue and lime, while the stabilisers and anchors come in a wide selection of six colours.

Is the play equipment for teens inclusive?

Definitely - inclusivity lies at the very heart of KOMPAN's essence, so it was a key design consideration that these playground systems also incorporate inclusive features. While the structure undeniably caters to adventurous tweens and teens who are enticed by its ridges and slopes, the underside has been thoughtfully designed to ensure engagement for wheelchair users as well. For detailed insights into the extent of inclusivity offered by each play system, we encourage you to reach out to your local play consultant.

How the GALAXY™ structure not rust?

Our secret is top quality, hot-dip galvanised steel that is powdered coated (if coloured).

Is this equipment safe?

Absolutely! All of KOMPAN's inspiring playground equipment is safe and certified. Here at KOMPAN, we've been dedicated to creating outdoor play equipment that excites and engages children, with safety being our utmost priority since 1970. Every step of the design, engineering, production, and construction process is carefully created to ensure that safety is ingrained in the final products, which are certified by TÜV. No worries, we've got you covered!

Is the equipment effective in activating children and teens?

We think so! Climbing is an essential developmental activity for children to strengthen motor skills and muscles, not to mention being loads of fun.

Do teenagers actually want to use the GALAXY™ playground equipment?

They sure do! The GALAXY™ play structures are designed in collaboration with our research on tweens and teenagers' play habits. We also do ample tests with tweens and teenagers on the structure prototypes before going into production.

Are they suitable for schools?

Yes indeed. The GALAXY™ structures are very suitable for schools and older school kids. The combination of physical and social climbing is a perfect match for teenagers looking for a play structure where they can be active, socialise and play.

How much space does the GALAXY™ equipment for teens require?

Given that these commercial play systems are targeted towards older children, it's important to anticipate that they will require more space compared to smaller playgrounds. However, the beauty of the GALAXY™ being a preconfigured play system is that it offers optimal space utilisation. We highly recommend downloading the KOMPAN AR App, which allows you to visualise the playground structure right at your site. You can grab it from either the App Store or Google Play. If you'd like some extra advice via a chat with our knowledgeable play consultants, they'll be more than happy to assist you in determining the ideal size for your designated playground area.