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Installing a commercial playground

Installation site with workers and a large crane

How are commercial playgrounds installed?

Building a playground can be a complex and complicated process. Rest assured; we are ready to take the burden off your shoulders and be your partner in the planning and execution.

It can take approximately 2-8 weeks to install a playground, however, variations in this timeframe may occur. The process includes several stages where the parties involved decide upon installation type, preparation of the site, safety surfacing, landscaping, and compliance with commercial playground safety regulations.

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Stages of a playground installation

Our network of installers provide commercial playground installation services, and take you carefully through the process, regulations, and safety rules.
Closeup of workers visiting a playground site pre-installation

1. Pre-installation site visit

At this stage, installers visit the site to ensure your area is prepared for installation. This involves ensuring accessibility for trucks, bobcats, or cranes and removing existing surfacing or equipment. The inspection also covers mapping underground water, gas, power, and drainage issues. Installers ensure the area is free from roots, trees, or plants and remove excess soil; however, these factors can affect the installation process* and costs.

*Note: Local permits are vital to process before installation; please note that a license’s processing time and validation may vary from state to state.

installation of wooden playground at Randers Regnskov in Denmark


The next stage in the process is the actual installation. A playground installation with KOMPAN partners includes project supervision, surfacing, landscaping, and core installation.

Playgrounds are only safe when all items and equipment are correctly installed. Therefore, assembly and installation need to be carried out by professionals. Our partnered technicians work according to all local safety standards, regulations, and stringent KOMPAN guidelines and installation manuals.

post-installation inspection of a playground in Randesr Regnskov

3. Post-installation inspection

Together with our installation partners, we will carefully review the regulations before construction. Once your playground is installed, we will do a full delivery inspection to ensure that all the details are right and that all safety requirements are compliant.

Why use a Professional Commercial Company?

KOMPAN installation teams worldwide have years of experience in the playground industry and offer customers high-quality repair services and maintenance agreements to ensure playgrounds are maintained to the highest standards.
Installation site with workers and a large crane

1. Inspection Services

At KOMPAN, we can assist you professionally with different types of inspection:

  • Safety inspection

  • Functional inspection

  • Visual inspection

  • Delivery inspection

Contact your local KOMPAN team to get started with your playground supply and installation.

Worker installing a wooden playground

2. Service & Maintenance

We offer maintenance packages with regular visits to ensure the longevity of the playground equipment.

Maintenance of playground equipment includes:

  • Tightening loose fasteners

  • Fitting missing parts

  • Replacement of broken or worn parts

  • Levelling and replenishing surfaces

From complete, all-inclusive agreements to simpler repair and consulting solutions, we can deliver a maintenance package that suits your needs and budget.

playground installation drawing of a wooden playground

3. Aftersales

To meet all customer needs, we offer different types of service and repair agreements: Even though our playground structures are designed to withstand the test of time and hours of play, regular inspections of the overall facilities are required.

We offer:

  • Functional inspection (three/year recommended)

  • Safety inspection (one/year recommended)

  • Repair readiness

Please get in touch with your local KOMPAN sales office for a free quote on your specific service and repair agreement.

What to expect with KOMPAN

Being a global company, KOMPAN operates globally together with hundreds of partners.

Over the last 50 years, we’ve worked with the public and private sectors, installing playgrounds worldwide. You can rest assured that our network of professional installers can work confidently with your KOMPAN playground equipment and assist with other important factors like landscaping and certification.

You can often apply for grants to cover some of the expenses. You can learn more about available funding on our playground grants and funding page.

To learn more about the rules and best practices for playground safety, read the General safety requirements and test methods by Standards Australia.

Our team of experts is here to help you with playground inspiration, planning outdoor fitness sites, equipment supply, custom designs, installation, maintenance and more. Need a little more help understanding the process better? Get in touch with your local consultant below!

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