COROCORD™ Rope Playground Equipment

COROCORD™ Rope Climbing Playground Equipment

Rope climbing playground equipment refers to a type of play equipment designed specifically for climbing activities using ropes. It typically includes structures such as rope bridges, rope nets, rope ladders, and rope walls that provide opportunities for children to develop their climbing skills, balance, coordination, and strength.

These structures are often made using durable materials like COROCORD™ ropes that are reinforced for safety and can withstand the weight and movement of children during play. Rope climbing playground equipment offers an engaging and challenging play experience, encouraging physical activity and exploration in a fun and interactive way.

KOMPAN rope climbing playground equipment boasts a one-of-a-kind design that presents numerous design alternatives and boundless opportunities for customisation. Whether it's climbing equipment intended for Australian schools, parks or other commercial play areas, our offerings cater to diverse needs. These play structures featuring net ropes are meticulously crafted to foster physical play and holistic development within playground settings. Commonly referred to as Spacenets, this rope net play equipment can be tailored to suit various purposes, including parkour courses, domes, spheres, Loops, Frisbees, rope bridges, and more.

Explore our extensive selection below and embark on a thrilling rope-climbing adventure.

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Exciting climbing playgrounds for all ages

Discover KOMPAN's collection of commercial rope climbing playsets suitable for all ages. Whether it's towering play structures or beginner-friendly climbing equipment, we have something fun for everyone. From little ones taking their first steps in climbing to adventurous tweens and teens who love reaching new heights, our diverse range of climbing playground equipment ensures a thrilling experience. Let our team assist you in choosing the perfect play equipment for your outdoor space based on your target age group.

Advantages of rope climbing equipment

Our COROCORD™ rope climbing play equipment, such as rope suspension bridges, play towers, and spider webs, offers numerous benefits and opportunities for child development in parks and school playgrounds. As children engage with the intricate shapes formed by the ropes, their imaginative minds are stimulated, fostering creativity and hypothetical thinking. Many of these playground games also promote cooperation and competition, encouraging social interaction and communication skills.

Beyond the physical challenges, our rope playgrounds provide a platform for imaginative and cooperative play. With multiple polyester layers reinforcing the ropes, they possess exceptional strength, allowing children to balance, climb, and swing freely. This strength enables us to create engaging and impressive climbing structures.

Custom rope climbing play designs

In addition to our existing range, KOMPAN specializes in designing bespoke rope structures tailored to your project's needs. Whether it's net towers, rope towers, or climbing structures, we can create play solutions that test and enhance coordination, balance, and fine motor skills for children of all ages and abilities.

Our expertise lies in crafting attractive playground solutions using versatile COROCORD™ rope, capturing the attention and maximizing developmental effectiveness within the space for Aussie kids. Our expertise spans crafting straightforward bridges to building complex geometric climbing domes, spheres and nets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used for COROCORD™ playgrounds?

COROCORD™ ropes consist of a 19mm thick cordage featuring galvanized steel wires woven into six strands. Every strand is securely enveloped with PES thread, which fuses to each strand. These cables exhibit exceptional durability against wear and vandalism, and they can be readily substituted on-site when necessary.

How much weight can rope playgrounds hold?

Generally, a COROCORD™ structure is very strong due to its build and materials. The size of the structure will determine its overall weight limit.

How many children can simultaneously play on a COROCORD™ play structure?

Every COROCORD™ construction comes with a suggested user count, for instance, the Mini space net accommodates 12 participants, while the Four-mast Octa net boasts a play capacity of 103 users.

How are rope playground structures maintained?

Every element of the COROCORD™ rope play equipment is crafted from top-notch, remarkably durable materials. As a result, the equipment demands minimal upkeep. But it is important to adhere to yearly inspections to guarantee safety standards are maintained.

What additions to rope playgrounds are trending?

Our play experts highly recommend incorporating freestanding play equipment into a rope climbing playground. The intended target audience of your playground should always guide your product selection, but we find that play favourites like swings or slides will perpetually ignite delight in children. Visit our planning resources page to get some further insight on designing an effective and beloved playground.

Can other play equipment be added to rope climbing playgrounds?

Absolutely! Feel free to visit our captivating COROCORD™ rope playground inspiration universe, where you can find many extraordinary playground projects that merge rope and freestanding play equipment. It's the perfect opportunity to get inspired and explore the endless possibilities for your next play area.