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Corocord™ Play Towers aren't just ordinary climbing structures; they offer an extraordinary array of climbing challenges for your playground, ensuring a thrilling journey to the top! The allure of soaring above the ground is an adventure in itself, but it's the diverse climbing nets that ensure the excitement begins from the moment a child embarks on their ascent.

Take, for instance, the Small Kon-Tiki – conquering its heights rewards young climbers with a magnificent view and an exhilarating slide down from its 8-foot summit. However, the adventure doesn't stop there; our rope towers can ascend even higher. A three-dimensional network of flat nets and a vertical climbing tunnel combine to provide a safe yet captivating climbing experience.

Notably, the design of our rope playground towers prioritises safety and visibility. It offers an unobstructed view, enabling parents and guardians in Australia to keep a vigilant eye on their young, aspiring climbers.

For even more inspiration, explore our wide range of options for rope-climbing playgrounds.

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    The Advantages of Rope Climbing Play Towers

    A commercial rope climbing playground tower brings a wealth of playtime activities to an Aussi playground. As children navigate between levels on these diverse net climbers, they're not just having fun; they're also honing crucial skills. Cross-coordination, proprioception, and spatial awareness are all developed, laying the foundation for essential life skills such as spatial management. Confidence grows, bolstering self-esteem and the ability to form social connections.

    If you're in search of more playground climbing structures, we invite you to explore our Sky Play climbing towers or climbing domes.

    Playground Rope Tower Inspiration

    Whether it's the Jelly Fish Play Tower, the Surfer Hangout, the awe-inspiring Sky Twister, or the Treasure Island, their shapes and sizes ignite children's imaginations and inspire role-play in countless ways. Keep an eye out for the Jelly Fish – its tentacles captivate children and keep them engaged for hours.

    Our sculpture-like Cube Towers are brimming with surprises and play activities. Each level unveils a new, vibrant realm of play, with various climbing challenges to conquer on the journey to the summit. For those seeking a shortcut back down, an almost invisible wire tunnel outside the highest cubes offers a thrilling descent. And then, of course, it's time to do it all over again. The adventure never ends!