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COROCORD™ playground rope bridges are fundamental structures that should be a staple in every playground! They offer more than just the thrill of height; it's also about the journey, summoning the courage to tread on the ropes while peering down at the ground below. Everything sways and wobbles, and that tingly sensation prompts laughter from all. Above and below, you can dangle from the underside of the Rope Net Bridge or clamber atop the Rope Tunnel Bridge's roof; the possibilities are limitless. Picture yourself as a rope artist on the Coconut Rope Bridge or taking a leisurely stroll on the wooden planks. But beware: one more user will set the flexible floor in delightful motion – so much fun!

Explore our selection of play bridges below and embark on an adventure across the playground ↓

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Why Choose KOMPAN Play Bridges?

The key to enduring playtime joy lies in superior materials, and our Corocord™ range conceals its quality secret within. Using patented technology, synthetic yarn is fused onto the steel core strands, significantly reducing the risk of rope floor wear and tear. It's a design that prioritizes fun!

Much like their larger counterparts, our impressive Small Playground Suspension Bridge and geometric climbing frame playground guarantee everyone a great time, whether they're running or jumping on the rubber belt. Moreover, play bridges possess an architectural charm! Commercial playground suspension bridges encourage children to engage in outdoor play in an original and explorative manner.

You can also incorporate playground rope bridges into your play area by selecting large rope playground structures or climbing nets for your playground. If you envision children honing their motor skills, practising orienteering, and fostering teamwork while enjoying themselves, then KOMPAN playground rope bridges are the ideal choice for you!

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