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Latest news and research

Designing unique playgrounds that match your story and your scene



An aerial view of a school playground with fitness and ball game area

New insights on activity spaces for teenagers

Children playing on a large playground tower made from more sustainable materials in Olins Park

Play for the planet: redefining outdoor design to minimise carbon footprints

OxygenUptake CrossTrainer 1920

Science behind: How does the cross trainer work?

Active ageing fitness

Sensory Play: Science behind child wellbeing in playgrounds

Saturn 4 Carousel

Girls having fun on the scooter carousel at a KOMPAN playground

Scooter Carousel

Nature Play: 10 Tips on encouraging outdoor play with nature playgrounds

Inclusive Public Playgrounds: 10 new, science-based practices for play spaces

Inclusive and accessible outdoor gyms

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KOMPAN 2023 playground and outdoor fitness catalogue

Latest customer cases from around the world

Wooden play sculpture at Amazing Grace Park looking like a fox

Amazing Grace Park, United States

Girl sliding down from a space theme playground tower at CampOne Assens

CampOne camping ground, Denmark