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Nature play and natural playgrounds

What is nature play?

Nature play is play that happens in and with nature. It typically involves play with natural elements such as plants and trees, water, dirt, sand, and stones. Most often, nature play happens outdoors, where children can feel the breeze, take in fresh air, observe the changes in weather and seasons, and feel the warmth of the sun on their skin. Nature play excites all of the senses with sights, sounds, textures, scents, tastes, and also with challenges to how the body moves in outdoor spaces.

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Nature play and natural playgrounds

Benefits of ##nature play

Benefits of nature play

  1. Children to get acquainted with the local ecosystem

  2. Children learn to appreciate and care for the natural world

  3. Reduced stress

  4. Focused attention

  5. Supports active body movements in ways that cannot happen indoors, for example on items in wooden climbing trail playgrounds.

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