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How does spinning impact balance and cognitive function?

New research shows that it isn’t merely children’s bodies and sense of balance that benefit from spinning. A great sense of balance affects their learning skills positively: a great sense of balance is closely connected to improved mathematical skills.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • what spinning can do

  • why spinning equipment make playgrounds more popular

  • the benefit for children development in general and specifically skills fundamental for math.

In addition to this, you get 5 tips on how to motivate spinning for all when designing playgrounds.

White paper

Spin to think

how to ##motivate## spinning

5 Tips for motivating spinning in playgrounds

  1. Offer spinning equipment fo all ages - the younger as well as the older children.

  2. Make sure to have spinning equipment for children of all abilities.

  3. Offer both individual spinning equipment and equipment that can hold groups spinning.

  4. Offer graduated rotation: slower and more vivid rotation and spinning.

  5. Vary body positions used when spinning: standing, hanging in arms, seated, lying...

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