Play for the planet: redefining outdoor design to minimise carbon footprints

Children playing on a large playground tower made from more sustainable materials in Olins Park

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October 25, 2023

Time (CET)

6am, 10am and 7pm


60 minutes




Informal AILA, Informal CPLP


Play, Sustainability

Webinar description

You can reduce your carbon footprint when building outdoor solutions by using recycled materials or sustainable natural wood.

This webinar will introduce you to how KOMPAN works with recycled materials for outdoor solutions and how to lower carbon emissions when designing outdoor spaces.

Join this webinar to learn about the innovative options available and make a difference with your next outdoor recreation area.

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Presented by

Dorthe Thorup-Kjærulff

As Director of Sustainability Projects at KOMPAN, Dorthe oversees KOMPAN's sustainability strategy and is the frontrunner in leading KOMPAN towards a greener future.

Designing Greener Playgrounds

children running through a forest in fall

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A New Standard - Designing Greener Playgrounds