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Using science for the best user experience

Creating the ideal fitness solution

The KOMPAN Fitness Institute uses science to create the best possible outdoor fitness equipment and solutions. Outdoor gyms have traditionally been based on simple equipment with less functionality than traditional fitness machines. However, for users to have a positive experience and get real health benefits, the available equipment must be motivating and attractive, just like the units you'd see at an indoor gym.

When developing outdoor fitness products for an optimal exercise experience, there are two key aspects we consider:

  • Ergonomics

  • Resistance

For example, when KOMPAN developed the new cross trainer, it went through dozens of iterations and was tested with users of all sizes and fitness levels prior to release. The elliptical movement of the feet was carefully balanced with the movement of the arms and the resistance provided. The exercise experience was holistically evaluated under lab conditions with oxygen uptake measurements, electromyography and perceived exhaustion to ensure the best experience and outcomes for the user. You can learn more about the science behind our cross trainer in our whitepaper: How does the cross trainer work?

Fitness that benefits teens to seniors

When combined, our products form an evidence-based fitness solution that ultimately benefits the user - whether it's for the entire community or a particular age group.

An example is the Stay Fit product line developed for seniors and users in rehabilitation. The KOMPAN Fitness Institute looked into all available research on fall prevention and extracted the most effective exercises and training programs from the scientific literature. The result? A line of targeted products that people above age 65 can use to effectively reduce their risk of falling by about 30% with regular use. We also have a dedicated guide to designing a functional Senior Park using this effective equipment.

Exercise as medicine

The KOMPAN Fitness Institute maintains a strong academic network, especially within the fields of exercise science and medicine. Following the latest research and global trends is crucial for the institute, and the scientific approach of the KOMPAN Fitness Institute is the user's guarantee that they will have the best possible experience and outcome when using KOMPAN fitness solutions.

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