White paper

The benefits of exercising outdoors vs indoors

A man and a woman working out outdoors on KOMPAN fitness equipment.

How does outdoor exercise benefit us?

Outdoor fitness stations provide a multitude of advantages compared to indoor exercise sessions, encompassing various indirect benefits as well. In this white paper by the KOMPAN Fitness Institute, you will find an exploration of the most recent research highlighting the advantages of engaging in physical activity outdoors.

Understanding why exercising outdoors can help us is the starting point for designing and creating extraordinary outdoor gyms that contribute to the well-being of the entire community.

White paper

The benefits of exercising outdoors versus indoors

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7 benefits

The 7 benefits of exercising outdoors

  1. Outdoor exercise promotes increased vitamin D production, improving bone health and preventing cardiovascular disease.

  2. Exposure to infrared and near-infrared wavelengths during outdoor exercise enhances immune function and tissue regeneration.

  3. Outdoor exercise offers mental health benefits, including improved mood and cognitive function, due to increased serotonin levels and regulated melatonin production.

  4. Outdoor workouts often result in longer, more intense sessions and a higher likelihood of maintaining a regular exercise routine.

  5. Natural outdoor environments provide cleaner and safer exercise spaces than indoor facilities, reducing infection risks.

  6. To optimise outdoor exercise's health benefits, exercise in green spaces and aim for short frequent workouts rather than fewer longer sessions.

  7. Balancing sun exposure and protecting the skin during outdoor workouts will help maximise health benefits while minimising potential risks.

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