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A commercial play area is a large pre-built outdoor playground structure designed for children to play on and around. Commercial Play Systems define the essence of a playground, offering impressive size, unique character, and individuality. With diverse designs tailored to specific age groups, these play systems cater to the entertainment needs of toddlers, teenagers, and everyone in between. From the sleek and straightforward Simply Play Towers to the exciting Elements™, and from bold Castles and Ships to the imaginative H.C. Andersen-inspired Smart Playground, all the way to the futuristic BLOQX™ and Galaxy™, each preconfigured Play System represents a joyful statement.

Our range of Play Systems includes versatile playground equipment that can serve various functions and accommodate multiple children simultaneously. Often acting as a central point in the playground, these products bring together other equipment, attracting numerous children to interact, socialise, and play together.

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MOMENTS™ Play Systems

Large play system in a park with multiple slides and climbing options


school agers playing on thrilling play tower in schoolyard


Tweens playing on GALAXY play system in a school yard.


Teens climbing on climbing bloqx in an urban area


Children having fun on a ship themed playground in a public park

Pirate Ships

Children playing on a castle themed playground in a park


simple play tower in a park with options of customisation


children climbing and sliding on colourful playground set


Toddler climbing on a play system designed for toddlers

Toddler Multiplay

children playing on a fairy tale themed digital play system

The Smart Playground™ (DIGITAL)

Space themed play system conceptual product

GIANTS Inspirational Concepts

Ninja Warrior Courses & Fitness Playgrounds

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Advantages of our playground sets

  When it comes to the perks and merits of playgrounds, none can be more vital than their impact on a child's development. Play may seem like innocent amusement, but it plays a crucial role in nurturing communication and motor skills, as well as teaching children the value of sharing and striving for accomplishments.

Our expansive playground units offer a plethora of play activities that provide endless fun and excitement, allowing children to immerse themselves in exploration and play for hours on end.

Each play system encompasses a wide range of cognitive, social-emotional, creative, and physical benefits, tailored to specific activities and age groups.

Your dream playground already awaits 

Our Play Systems are meticulously designed using a modular building block platform, allowing you to customize and configure various play elements to suit your specific needs, location, and budget. Opting for a preconfigured set presents numerous advantages compared to freestanding playground equipment. Preconfigured playground systems consolidate multiple play activities into a single structure, ensuring every child is captivated. Furthermore, our commercial playground sets are built with durability in mind, minimizing repairs and maintenance requirements. Installing a commercial playground set is a breeze, as it involves assembling a cohesive structure rather than individual pieces of equipment. With preconfigured sets, safety is guaranteed, with appropriately spaced slides. These sets are ideal for compact spaces, as they are designed to comply with industry standards. Additionally, our preconfigured play systems are certified for safety, ensuring easy maintenance and replacement if any damage occurs.

Choosing the perfect playground set 

KOMPAN offers a diverse array of playground systems to cater to various settings, customers, user demographics, and budgets. Each range is meticulously crafted, incorporating a unique combination of play elements, values, and materials, all tailored to specific themes, user groups, and aesthetic preferences. Consider the following factors when selecting a commercial playground to ensure optimal usability, playability, and stability for your intended users.

Target age group 

The age group of your users is paramount, as different age ranges have distinct needs and behaviours. Our play structures are designed with specific age groups in mind, ensuring an ideal fit for each demographic.


We pride ourselves on creating truly inclusive playgrounds that provide an accessible and engaging environment for all children, irrespective of their abilities. Opt for a playground structure that incorporates elevated play activities accessible via ramps, as well as ground-level activities that offer excitement. Consider play systems that incorporate sensory play variations, solitary play options, social play elements, and all-around play opportunities.

Playground area

  While our commercial play systems are well-suited for confined spaces, it's crucial to consider the size of your designated play area. Our team is readily available to provide on-site consultations or conduct discovery calls to determine the most suitable large play structure for your space.


Consider the purpose of your playground. Our playground structures come with recommended play capacities, indicating the maximum number of children who can safely play on them simultaneously. Whether for schoolyards or other settings, ensure the play systems align with the intended age group and specific requirements.


We understand the importance of budget considerations in any playground project. Our dedicated play consultants are available to assist you, leveraging their expertise to help you achieve the most impactful playground within your budget. Take advantage of our free consultation to align your budget with customization options and create the playground of your dreams.

Slider-elements-essentials top slider an reference image
PCM Floor
ELEMENTS™ - hero image
Girl sliding down from a space theme playground tower at CampOne Assens

CampOne camping ground, Denmark



Customer Case

Teens playing on play system for school-agers at Federal Hill Commons Park

Federal Hill Commons Park, United States

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Frequently asked questions

What age groups are the preconfigured sets designed for?

Our Play System range supports various age groups from 3-14.

KOMPAN offers multiple themed play sets like:

Looking for something that offers playsets for a wider age group?

Challengers & Climbers like our:

are great for teenagers and older school kids.

 If you are seeking a nature-inspired aesthetic, explore our Nature Play category.

Are the preconfigured playground systems safe?

Absolutely, all of these devices are commercial grade and meet standard regulations, guaranteeing a greater sense of security. With their adherence to safety standards, there is no need to manually consider the safety boundaries of each independent piece of equipment.

Who are the play systems best for?

The play systems offer incredible suitability for various spaces, budgets, and users. Opting for a single system ensures maximum utilisation of both the equipment and the available space, resulting in abundant play opportunities and long-lasting enjoyment.

Why is colour so important in a playground?

Colour is a quiet language. It communicates with all of us, conveying messages of hazards and joys. A baby doesn't recognise colour until they reach approximately eight months of age; thereafter, colours become integral to their growth and development. Children are captivated by vivid primary colours. KOMPAN's founder, the artist Tom Lindhardt, extensively employed yellow, blue, and red in his initial creations, deliberately avoiding green as he believed it was already abundant in the surrounding playground grass.