A story on the outside, and a secret kids-only play space on the inside. Children love a good story, and playing on the structures from KOMPAN's Story Makers™ range empowers kids to create and live out their own play stories. The Story Makers™ range is one big invitation to play. Motor skills, cognitive skills and imaginations are tested and developed simultaneously

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All products offer a two-level play area filled with bright colours, friendly shapes and rounded edges - a gentlre and happy look that inspired children to play. Story Makers™ is as flexible as it gets. There are a range of options when designing the playground. Once the equipment has been in for a few years, why not mix and match new play panels to introduce new activities and breathe new life into the equipment without having to change the entire playground? The possibilities are endless!

FAQ related to STORY MAKERS™

What age group does Story Makers™ target?

All kids love to listen to stories. The age group for Story Makers™ is for toddlers just as they are gaining their first bit of independence. At just over two years of age their stories will not be formed into a beginning middle and end, but they will take an experience from playing in the whacky shapes that somehow seem familiar.

How do you choose the shapes to feature?

Children see things very simplistically. They look for comfort and amongst the first things they draw will be a house, trees, flowers and perhaps a car. These are central to the Story Maker™ concept.

How to create the ultimate playground?

KOMPAN offers numerous solitaire themed products like springers and seesaws that can be used to design a totally unique solution with lots of stories to be told.