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What are BLOQX™?

The innovative BLOQX™ play system is a captivating and adjustable artistic interpretation of a climbing wall designed for older kids. If you're seeking an exhilarating and imaginative alternative to a standard commercial playground climbing wall, you've come to the right spot.

The BLOQX™ play system defies conventional playground norms by offering an extraordinary experience. Gone are the slides and spinning components, replaced by an invigorating opportunity to grasp and manoeuvre through a metallic labyrinth. This contemporary rendition of a playground bouldering wall breaks not only stereotypes but also captures the attention of typically hard-to-please youngsters in their tween and teenage years. It serves as a natural catalyst for physical development, enhancing muscle strength while encouraging resourceful and logical thinking in navigating the structure. BLOQX™, more than any other product, showcases the fascinating connection between play and art.

Embark on a thrilling adventure and explore our diverse range of BLOQX™ Play System climbers.

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    Unique playground climbing walls

    What are the advantages of BLOQX™?

    BLOQX™ stands out from other playground features with its unique design. It presents a captivating challenge by combining intricate geometric puzzles with an exhilarating climbing experience. Successfully conquering the ascent rewards children with reflective moments inside elevated cubes. Whether enjoyed with friends or individually, creating new climbing routes and techniques provides hours of excitement and climbing fun. The diverse grip and panel positions also contribute to the development of muscle strength and motor skills, fostering cross-body coordination, proprioception, and spatial awareness. Consequently, this positively impacts concentration skills and social-emotional abilities, such as consideration when children interact and climb together on the BLOQX™.

    Why is climbing significant?

    Research indicates the prevalence of demanding climbing equipment tailored for tweens and teenagers, and the BLOQX™ play system is an excellent choice for older school children. The social experience of climbing is highly valued, and gathering atop a cube after a challenging ascent serves as the ideal hang-out spot before descending and returning to the classroom. Climbing enhances children's cognitive development and supports working memory, facilitating better retention of classroom lessons.

    Other outstanding play systems for older school children include expansive preconfigured playground units like GIANTS, the robe climbing playground structure GALAXY™, and fitness playgrounds.

    Flexible and customisable climbers

    BLOQX™ boasts a remarkable playground system that distinguishes itself through its colour scheme. The pentagon shapes are uniformly coloured, yet akin to a paint chart, the sides can feature tonal variations of the dominant hue. This adaptability in colour options, along with numerous configuration possibilities, allows for captivating and customisable combinations that offer distinct visual appeal. Additionally, BLOQX™ play system offers a more environmentally conscious version with KOMPAN GreenLine technology, catering to sustainability considerations.

    The sculptural concept underlying BLOQX™ is what makes these innovative playground boulders a favoured choice among architects seeking solutions that seamlessly integrate with modern Australian urban spaces.

    To learn more about any of KOMPAN's products or services and to step into the great outdoors, reach out to us today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it possible to integrate BLOQX™ into any playground setting?

    Certainly, although it must be acknowledged that BLOQX™ is exceptionally unique and, akin to a precious gem, requires an appropriate environment to truly shine.

    How can I determine the most suitable BLOQX™ structure and format for my area?

    You have the freedom to choose the placement and quantity of cubes while our Design team will skillfully calculate the optimal combination of BLOQX™ elements for maximum effectiveness.

    What is the maximum height that BLOQX™ can reach?

    BLOQX™ can reach heights of up to three metres. BLOQX™ pairs exceptionally well with transparent products such as GALAXY™.