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Dome climbing playground equipment

Commercial COROCORD™ climbing domes serve as captivating landmarks, providing an impressive solution for playgrounds that offer attraction, exploration, and plenty of play capacity for numerous children. These climbing domes offer an exhilarating climbing experience for children aged 5-12, featuring net layers stretched between sturdy steel arches. The compact design of a climbing sphere playground allows for versatile play activities within a small footprint.

Why should you choose dome playground equipment?

The comprehensive COROCORD™ climbing dome structure encompasses a range of physical, cognitive, and social challenges that appeal to 5-12-year-olds. Even the mini versions of these climbing domes add fun to any play area, incorporating bouncy climbing and varied balancing challenges that benefit this age group. Commercial COROCORD™ climbing domes are available in compact forms with a single arch or expansive installations with robust steel arches forming a dome shape. With a wide variety of options, you can select a playground dome climber with sensory play elements, climbing panels, or other play components that suit your specific needs and preferences.

Embark on an extraordinary play world filled with climbing and rope fun!

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Who benefits most from Dome Climbing playgrounds?

KOMPAN's climbing domes, particularly those with innovative designs, can make a striking centrepiece in your community or school playground. They offer endless fun with various climbing, crawling, and play options. Here are some segments where outdoor climbing domes are perfect play elements:

1. Public parks and recreational areas

Dome playground equipment stands out in public parks and recreational areas in the unique Australian landscape, attracting children of all ages and abilities. This addition ensures lots of activity and creates excitement in the community. Adventure parks and outdoor activity centres can also benefit from commercial climbing domes, as they look great, inspire outdoor play, and encourage repeat visits.

2. Schools

Climbing domes are a great fit for Aussie schools and educational institutions that aim to create a clever and enjoyable playground. Climbing activities can enhance children's cognitive abilities by stimulating novel movement patterns and promoting the connection between body and mind. Offering age-appropriate climbing structures with progressive challenges supports working memory and retention of classroom learning. Tween girls especially love to climb, and research suggests that climbing activates this age group on playgrounds; you can read more about the research in our white paper from the KOMPAN Play Institute.

3. Residential areas

Our outdoor climbing domes are larger commercial versions of popular at-home climbing dome playgrounds. They are ideal for residential communities, where kids can gather, climb, and have fun challenging themselves with the rope nets. If you're interested in other rope climbing equipment, our climbing pyramids or climbing net playground equipment offer similar benefits and challenges.

Benefits of Dome Climbing Equipment

Commercial climbing domes provide numerous mental and physical benefits while adding value to residential areas and increasing the popularity of surrounding parks and recreational spaces in your community.

Stimulates physical and mental development

Dome climbers offer physical challenges that improve children's coordination and stimulate cooperation between brain hemispheres, supporting academic skills. Climbing and crawling activities strengthen both motor skills and cognitive development.

Teaches risk management

Secure dome climbing playgrounds help children gain confidence as they learn to manage risks and experience a sense of achievement. Our rope playground equipment offers similar benefits.

Choosing the Right Playground Climbing Dome

When selecting playground climbing domes, consider age recommendations, playground area size, play capacity, and safety standards. Our playground experts are available to guide you in making the right decision for your play area and community.

Commercial-grade equipment - a wise investment

Investing in durable commercial-grade playground equipment may initially be costly, especially for structures featuring multiple play activities. However, it ensures longevity and durability, making it a wise long-term investment, particularly for schools and educational institutions. Funding opportunities and financial aid are often available, and we can assist you through funding and grants applications.

Ensuring usage and ROI

While playground domes look appealing, ensuring children actually play on the equipment requires understanding the purpose and target audience of your playground site. Our playground experts can provide guidance on age-appropriate equipment, maximising the return on your investment and ensuring children's repeated enjoyment of the playground.

For all abilities and ages

At KOMPAN, we believe that all children deserve the right to play, regardless of their abilities. Our playground climbing domes cater to various ages and abilities, bringing joy to a diverse range of children. Creating a playground with equipment that appeals to a broad audience promotes equity in play.


Safety is our top priority, just as it is yours. Our commercial-grade playground equipment complies with stringent Australian safety regulations and standards. When planning your playground with KOMPAN, we ensure that all safety requirements are met according to regulations in your state or local council. Contact your local playground expert for more information on playground and equipment safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the various kinds of climbing dome/sphere equipment?

KOMPAN offers a diverse range of playground equipment organized into four primary categories: Nature Play, Freestanding Playground Equipment, COROCORD™ climbing structures, and preconfigured play systems. You have the option to explore our complete collection of commercial playground equipment or navigate directly to our extensive selection of outdoor fitness equipment.

What equipment does a playground require?

The selection of playground equipment depends on factors such as site size, purpose, and user group. If you're new to choosing playground equipment for a commercial project, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary discovery meeting with one of our playground experts in your area.

What kind of playground equipment is safest?

Every piece of KOMPAN playground equipment meets rigorous safety standards. However, considering age-appropriateness is crucial when it comes to selecting playground equipment. Our products undergo testing by children, so we recommend adhering to the specified age recommendations.

How does commercial and residential playground equipment differ?

In contrast to residential equipment, commercial playground equipment tends to be larger and more intricate. It is specifically created to accommodate multiple children at once and provides a wider variety of play activities. Conversely, residential playgrounds are typically smaller and have simpler designs, intended for a single family or a small group of children.

What contributes to the high costs of commercial playgrounds?

Commercial playground equipment is made to handle heavy use and tough weather. It's built with strong materials like high-grade steel, sturdy plastics, and weather-resistant coatings. These materials cost more than what's used in residential playgrounds, but they ensure that the equipment can handle extended playtime and last generations.

How long does commercial playground equipment last?

Every playground experiences the challenges of the Australian weather, usage, and wear, and eventually, they will show signs of ageing. However, you can delay that day significantly by selecting playground equipment made with top-quality materials and smart design. Quality comes at a price, but it also ensures longevity. It's a straightforward equation that pays off over time. To learn more about the high-quality materials we use, click here, and for information on warranties, click here.

Which types of equipment should be avoided for public playgrounds?

All types of KOMPAN playground equipment are suitable for public playgrounds. We exclusively offer commercial-grade playground equipment for sale.