Empower learning and well-being through play


Play supports the curriculum
Play increases well-being
Play prevents bullying
Happy children eagerly anticipate going to school. Our school playgrounds are crafted with meticulous care, with a keen focus on enhancing children's educational experiences, well-being, and overall development at every stage of their academic journey.

Customer case

"It's been 5 years since we built the playground, and it has been hugely positive..."

This primary school in Scotland transformed its once-dubbed "concrete jungle" school oval into a vibrant and welcoming space that has significantly enhanced the well-being of its students and boosted attendance rates.

"I would definitely suggest to anybody who is the head teacher of a school to do the same thing and to provide more equipment for children to play with, it has a huge impact on attendance, behaviour, confidence, friendship"

- Gayle MacDonald, Head Teacher at Corpus Christi Primary School, Glasgow, Scotland

From preschool to university

Our school playgrounds cater to a wide spectrum of age groups and abilities, ensuring a seamless and inclusive experience throughout a user's entire school journey.

Early Childhood

Primary Schools

Secondary Schools

Universities & Tertiary Education

Special Needs Schools

Playgrounds designed using research and student input

Children are fun experts, and we're experts in how play fosters development. By combining our knowledge, we create enduring, skill-enhancing school playgrounds.

Our doctoral research, work at the KOMPAN Play Institute, KOMPAN Fitness Institute, and collaborations with the World Playground Research Institute include children in testing, ensuring playgrounds support development and active, skillful growth.

Improve learning and attentiveness with a good school playground

Children's classroom learning is deeply intertwined with play and activity. It's through play that they embark on journeys of exploration, self-discovery, and personal growth, gaining insights into the world around them and honing their physical, emotional, and cognitive abilities.

Having an appropriate school oval playground plays a pivotal role in a child's capacity to learn and flourish academically. Whether it's climbing structures like our playground climbing nets that enhance logical thinking and spatial awareness or spinning activities that improve balance, these experiences directly contribute to the development of skills essential for students' education and well-rounded growth.

Examples of school playgrounds from around the world

Corpus Christi Primary School, Scotland

Boothville Primary School, United Kingdom

Segbroek College, Netherlands

North Tampa Christian Academy, United States

Hældager School, Denmark

Early Learning Village, Singapore

Kreismäuse Düren, Germany

Children love our play equipment

You can rest assured that your playground will consistently draw children back every day. Prior to introducing our playground equipment to the market, we embark on a final phase of play testing with children. For instance, we enlisted the input of 37 delightful children aged 6 to 11 to provide feedback and their invaluable seal of approval for our GIANTS play range.

"It is the funnest thing I ever tried"

Mohammed, 8 year old boy participating in a final play approval

Some tips for planning your school playground

Planning checklist

To assist you in determining the most fitting playground design for your project and concept, we've developed a comprehensive, step-by-step checklist. This tool will prompt your thought process and steer you in the right direction.

Setting a budget

How much does a playground cost? The answer is rarely simple, but we can guide you in the right direction. Check out our cost breakdown example to get an idea of how to develop and work with a playground budget.

Grants & funding

A grant is financial assistance provided by various organisations that allocate funds for community playground projects. Grants are an excellent means to make your playground or outdoor fitness site project a reality. Often, there is funding available in your local area as well. Discover more about your possibilities here:


KOMPAN offers commercial playground installation services. We also perform post-installation inspections to ensure full compliance with safety regulations. Constructing a fitness site or playground may seem complex, but we're here to assist and steer you in the correct path.

Inclusive design

Key components in creating an exceptional playground suitable for all ages and abilities include accessibility, lasting appeal, and user-friendliness. Discover more about our experts' approach to designing inclusive playgrounds here:


Every playground will encounter challenges like weather and wear; eventually, they will show signs of ageing. To find out more about our top-of-the-line warranties, click here:

Quality materials

We exclusively utilise top-quality materials to ensure the best value. It's a straightforward equation that reaps rewards over time. Our playgrounds are constructed for long-term durability, and the advantages of selecting high-quality materials outweigh the initial expense.

Service and maintenance

To guarantee the lasting performance of your playground equipment, we provide routine maintenance services. Our certified KOMPAN technicians handle maintenance for various brands, from major repairs to more routine fixes. Find out more details here:


More movement and less conflicts

Playgrounds designed for popularity with minimal maintenance

Long-lasting, easy to care for, and crafted from top-quality materials. Our commercial outdoor play equipment comes with a leading industry warranty, ensuring that KOMPAN playgrounds remain a dependable asset for active school days, both now and in the future.

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