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Playground equipment for special development schools

Explore how inclusive and accessible playground equipment and designs foster a shared play experience for children of diverse abilities.

Outdoor play holds immense importance for children with special needs, supporting their physical and cognitive development, and enhancing social inclusion. Our specially adapted school playground equipment and educational play structures create a secure setting that stimulates sensory engagement, encourages imaginative play, and promotes sustained focus. This inclusive space facilitates group play alongside other children, fostering an environment of unity and camaraderie.

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Why outdoor play equipment is important for children with special needs

Encouraging children to move and naturally explore with their bodies is crucial for their physical and cognitive growth. The outdoors enhances sensory stimulation and allows them to engage their sensory devices in exploration. Accessible outdoor playground equipment holds particular significance for children with special needs, as it enhances coordination, mobility, balance, and proprioception. The importance of play for special needs children is straightforward – it allows them to feel just like any other child.

Our playground equipment prioritises children of all abilities, ensuring they experience a sense of worth and inclusion during playtime.

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6 Principles for Universal & Inclusive Design

We believe that children, regardless of age or ability, deserve the opportunity to play. Hence, our products adhere to six principles of universal and inclusive design.

  • Accessibility

  • Multifunctionality

  • 360-Degree Design

  • Diverse Play Opportunities

  • Clear in Colour & Design Signals

  • Providing Solutions for Special Needs

Learn more about how to plan and design inclusive playgrounds here.

"I would definitely suggest to anybody who is the head teacher of a school to do the same thing and to provide more equipment for children to play with, it has a huge impact on attendance, behaviour, confidence, friendship"

- Gayle MacDonald, Head Teacher at Corpus Christi Primary School, Glasgow, Scotland

Research and user-led universal playground equipment

The KOMPAN Play Institute collaborates closely with schools, educational centre, and parents to create dedicated spaces that prioritise safe, accessible, and engaging play. Our outdoor playground equipment for special needs is specifically crafted to enhance motor learning, trigger sensory exploration, and promote social interaction among children.

You can see more about how to plan and design inclusive playgrounds here.

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