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School playground equipment for primary schools

Elevate the educational experience and inspire young minds with our bespoke primary school playground equipment. In the realm of primary education, the school playground acts as more than a mere recess area. It serves as a canvas where students can paint memorable experiences, fostering engagement, joy, and a genuine love for learning. It is in these moments that we sculpt the future of our students.

Every educational institution, from bustling metropolises to the regional areas of Australia, deserves an exceptional playground. That's why we offer a diverse range of primary school playground equipment, meticulously crafted to facilitate various play activities.

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The best primary school playground equipment

Our primary school playground equipment offers a harmonious blend of sensory, physical, cognitive-creative, and social stimulation, rendering it exceptionally versatile and a valuable asset for both education and play.

Within our comprehensive array of primary school playground equipment, we've taken into account the myriad of play activities that captivate the imaginations of young Aussie students. Drawing inspiration from the preferences of schoolchildren, our offerings include:

In pursuit of crafting a playground tailored for toddlers, we invite you to explore our preschool play equipment, or consult our playground planning checklist for insightful guidance on fashioning the ideal toddler-friendly play area.

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Playful learning spaces

Enriching your ordinary primary school playground into a dynamic educational environment presents a superb opportunity to enhance your teaching outcomes. Here at KOMPAN, we place paramount importance on crafting educational playgrounds that seamlessly blend enjoyment and enrichment, serving as invaluable assets for active learning. The creation of an outdoor learning space offers the following advantages:

  1. Additional teaching space, expanding your options for diverse learning experiences.

  2. Diversity of teaching methods, engaging students in unique ways that foster deeper comprehension.

  3. More time outdoors. not only promoting a holistic educational experience but also supporting students' overall well-being.

“We love learning here at NBCS, and we love ... to ensure that the campus is the classroom – inside and out.”

Tim Watson - Principal, Northern Beaches Christian School

Research and user-centric equipment for primary schools

KOMPAN's primary school playground equipment provides an advantage for all grade levels. Just like all our products, it undergoes meticulous development through a collaborative effort between our product developers and our team of child development and play experts at the KOMPAN Play Institute. The KOMPAN Play Institute actively seeks answers to key questions to ensure our primary school playground equipment truly captivates and nurtures young minds:

  • What makes an outstanding primary school playground that resonates with children?

  • How can we foster an environment that entices children to play, encourages them to linger, and draws them back to the playground time and again?

  • What designs and configurations ignite children's physical, socio-emotional, and cognitive creativity as they play and explore?

For a deeper dive into our comprehensive play research, we invite you to explore the wealth of knowledge offered by the KOMPAN Play Institute.

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Encourage healthy competition, group play, and physical growth with these brilliant playground equipment for primary schools
Agility Trail 6

Agility Trail 6


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Segbroek College, Netherlands


Customer Case

Children playing on a rope climbing structure at school in Munich

Elementary School Leibengerstrasse, Germany

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