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KOMPAN ofrece una amplia variedad de sistemas de juego. Todos están hechos con una combinación de actividades para enfocarse en un tema específico, grupo de usuarios o atractivo visual. Los productos dentro de Sistemas de juego, cubren equipos multifuncionales que pueden tomar muchas formas y propósitos, y muchos niños pueden participar al mismo tiempo. Por lo general, estos productos tienen un papel central en el área infantil, ya que unen todos los demás elementos y atraen a muchos niños a jugar juntos. Todos los sistemas de juego se basan en una plataforma de bloques de construcción que ofrece la posibilidad de aumentar o disminuir las opciones según el estado de ánimo y los deseos de los niños que juegan. Explore los sistemas de juego a continuación para encontrar el equipo que mejor se adapte a su parque infantil.

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Large play system in a park with multiple slides and climbing options


school agers playing on thrilling play tower in schoolyard


Tweens playing on GALAXY play system in a school yard.


Teens climbing on climbing bloqx in an urban area


Children having fun on a ship themed playground in a public park

Barcos Pirata

Children playing on a castle themed playground in a park


simple play tower in a park with options of customisation


children climbing and sliding on colourful playground set


Toddler climbing on a play system designed for toddlers

Juegos Para los Más Pequeños

children playing on a fairy tale themed digital play system


Space themed play system conceptual product

GIANTS Conceptos Inspiracionales

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A broad range of playground classics

KOMPAN’s Play Systems cover a very broad spectrum that’s even wider than can portrayed here. That’s because each of the systems is entirely flexible, open to personal choice and adaptation. Several, like the Giants, Castles and Ships can help develop an established connection with an area or be like the Story Makers in telling a precise tale. KOMPAN products don’t stop developing once they reach the brochures, they constantly develop to maximize any needs and value.

Are there any limits to size and heights?

When asked what marked the boundary in terms of size, the leading manufacturer KOMPAN answered with one word, ‘safety’. Their new Giants range takes the thrill of the climb up to that of a three-story building, but even nine meters up the children are protected by see-through panels and floors are split so that any tumbles are short ones. Slides that start that high up begin the downward journey as twisting tunnels.

Why is colour so important in a playground?

Colour is a silent language. It speaks to us all telling us of dangers, of delights. A baby doesn’t recognize colour until it is about eight months old, from then on it plays a vital role in their development. They are drawn to the bright primary colours. KOMPAN founder, artist Tom Lindhardt, used yellow, blue, red extensively in his early works, shunning green since he believed that it was already there in the grass around the playground.

How important is play in a child’s development?

Of all the questions surrounding the values and attributes of playgrounds, none is more pertinent than what they do for a child’s development. Leading manufacturer KOMPAN established an in-house study group in the 1980’s, the KOMPAN Play Institute, to look at how to get the most out of the play experience in terms of social and physical development. Play may seem an innocent pastime, but it is vital for building communication and motor skills, teaching children to share and strive for achievement. Any playground that doesn’t fully consider what children of all ages and abilities can gain, is a wasted opportunity in life.

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