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Rope climbing pyramids for sky-high fun

Very few play areas inspire children to explore movement in all directions quite like a Spacenet™ does. It takes them on a captivating journey into a three-dimensional realm, offering a multitude of opportunities for interaction and play. From climbing and swinging to sliding, jumping, bouncing, and balancing, a rope climbing pyramid accommodates numerous children, providing a safe and conducive environment for developing physical skills. Whether it's the Mini Spacenet or the colossal four-mast Spacenets™, each piece of rope play equipment entices climbers to conquer new heights.

The Spacenet™ concept was invented and developed by the Berlin-based architect Conrad Roland in 1971. Today, these iconic structures have become renowned in Australia and worldwide, serving as expressive symbols that invite children to ascend to the pinnacle and experience the thrill of height while honing their abilities. Referred to as pyramid playground equipment, these rope play structures captivate children, immersing them in an exhilarating climbing and play experience.

Embark on an exciting climbing adventure and explore our extensive range of rope playground equipment below.

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    Advantages of Pyramid Rope Climbers

    Climbing offers numerous benefits for both young children and older kids. The thoughtfully designed attributes of Spacenets™ contribute to the development of agility, balance, and coordination, while also fostering spatial awareness during activities such as bouncing, climbing, and sitting in the nets. These motor skills are essential to developing bodily security which supports future life tasks like safely navigating traffic. Each structure is meticulously planned and proportioned to cater to the specific age group, ensuring maximum play value. If you're interested in exploring other rope climbers, take a look at our selection of geometrical frame nets or climbing domes.

    When planning a playground for a school oval or council park, it's worth considering tween girls as a distinct target group, as research suggests that climbing activates tween girls. Tween girls strengthen their social connections on playgrounds equipped with climbing apparatus. They embrace physical challenges and enjoy spending time in areas where they can observe and be seen. Therefore, the KOMPAN Galaxy, PCM structures, and Spacenets™ are ideal playground structures for engaging tween girls.

    To discover more about our Spacenets™, feel free to reach out to our team of playground experts today.