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Tall tales, sky high adventure

The Commercial GIANTS Play Towers are pre-built all-in-one play systems, meticulously designed to accommodate the diverse play activities enjoyed by children across Australia. These captivating structures house an exciting range of play experiences, including thrilling slides, challenging climbing elements, and exhilarating swings, all thoughtfully integrated into a single play structure.

Much like the iconic skyscrapers that adorn Australia's vibrant cityscapes, these GIANTS Play Towers stand tall and majestic, effortlessly commanding attention in any park or schoolyard. Their towering heights, reaching up to an impressive seven or nine meters, act as a beacon of excitement, drawing in children and tweens with an irresistible allure. The sturdy and well-engineered construction ensures a safe and secure play environment, minimising any potential risks.

As children explore these magnificent structures, they are greeted by an array of engaging features, enclosed within transparent and themed panels. These panels not only offer glimpses of the thrilling play activities within but also ignite the imaginations of young minds, transporting them to enchanting landscapes inspired by Australia's unique flora, fauna, and cultural heritage. From navigating through intricate pathways to choosing the most exhilarating descent, children aged six to twelve are empowered to embark on their own adventure within the GIANTS Play Towers.

With every ascent, descent, and moment of play, these towering structures provide a wealth of physical activity and entertainment that leaves both children and onlookers in awe. The GIANTS Play Towers exemplify the spirit of creative playground design, captivating communities and instilling a sense of wonder, joy, and boundless exploration.

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Benefits of Playground Towers 

Playground towers and their advantages

The combination of open and closed slides, the fireman's pole, and the bannister bars each offer an exhilarating ride, delivering pure excitement that stimulates vital social-emotional skills like self-regulation and empathy. Additionally, the balance bridge and pipe climber inject a thrilling element into the open towers, fostering cross-coordination and enhancing the senses of balance and spatial awareness, which proves invaluable in navigating busy streets. At ground level, the play shells and hammocks create an enticing focal point for all to partake in play and forge new friendships. However, the standout feature of a GIANT playground tower lies in its imposing height. It's not merely a visual attribute; it demands substantial physical effort. The added elevation entices daring teenagers to immerse themselves in the slides, where the exhilaration of speed is magnified significantly. Moreover, the tower's height allows for dramatic bridge connections between the lofty and second towers, offering children the ultimate challenge within this play structure.

Play equipment that suits teenagers

The towering GIANTS playground structures encompass an extensive playground system that beckons children to embark on grand adventures. Much like our other play systems, GALAXY™ and BLOQX climbing walls, these purpose-built playgrounds for teenagers foster age-appropriate creative play, thereby nurturing language and communication skills while fostering teamwork and collaboration. As children engage in play, they invent games and establish rules, grasping the importance of working together to maximize enjoyment. Through these enjoyable experiences, children develop essential life skills that will serve them well in the future. Additionally, Play Towers provide an ideal arena for safe risk-taking. Tweens and teenagers can push their boundaries within a secure and controlled environment, whether it's perched at the tower's pinnacle or daringly traversing a rope bridge.

Accommodating numerous children with a single play system confers a significant advantage to organisations looking to engage multiple children simultaneously, offering a diverse range of play opportunities. A GIANTS play unit amalgamates multiple activities into one consolidated structure, eliminating the need for separate freestanding equipment for each activity.

Selecting the ideal GIANTS playground tower

The commercial GIANTS Playground towers epitomise focused adventure, often incorporating themes that harmonize with their surroundings. These towering structures may chronicle local histories, such as an Indigenous dreamtime story or the pioneering origins of a town, providing a touch of Australia's rich heritage. On a grander scale, they can transport children to imaginary realms like dense rainforests, pristine beaches, the vast Outback, or even the awe-inspiring Great Barrier Reef. These public play structures boast colossal proportions, serving as formidable challenges that entice Australian teenagers, making them ideal playground equipment for the local community. The grandeur of a visually captivating structure transforms it into a captivating centerpiece, attracting children and amplifying activity levels, ultimately enhancing its popularity within the area. Across our entire range, we maintain an unwavering commitment to superior quality. Our towering playground structures are constructed with robust, commercial-grade materials, ensuring both safety and longevity, making them a wise and enduring investment for Australian playgrounds.

Frequently asked questions

What is a playground tower, and how is it different from other playground equipment? 

A large playground tower distinguishes itself from other playgrounds by grouping and congregating play experiences within a single play system. Frequently, play activities across public playgrounds are dispersed, whereas play towers encompass an array of play opportunities within a unified play structure.

Can playground towers be customised? 

Yes - chat to our experienced Design team to explore how we can collaborate and design a play tower that perfectly matches your story, location or theme.

How and when do playground towers need maintenance?

To ensure children's safety, KOMPAN strongly advises regular inspections and maintenance of all play structures and the surrounding surfaces. These measures are important in ensuring a secure and trouble-free play environment. Depending on the specific structure, operational inspections are recommended every 1 to 3 months. For detailed information on maintenance procedures, please reach out to your local sales consultant. Maintenance inspection templates can also be conveniently downloaded from the KOMPAN Master site.

Are play towers safe? 

Yes, the sturdy posts supporting the GIANTS towers employ a hexagonal arrangement, lending them a substantial appearance and ensuring optimal stability. Additionally, a triangular side tower provides additional support to all the towers. Rest assured, our play systems adhere to rigorous safety standards and incorporate essential safety elements, such as nets and protective measures.

What is an ideal location for a play tower?

The play towers are well-suited for public parks or school ovals that boast ample space, allowing for the accommodation of numerous children simultaneously. When you want to cater to a large number of children, commercial play equipment, including lofty playground structures, prove to be an excellent choice. Additionally, the towering equipment serves as a compelling attraction that fosters a sense of community in your area.

How many children can play on a GIANTS tower?

Realistically, there isn't a limit to how many children can play together on these units. The GIANTS range consists of different configurations and sizes. All our materials are tested and surpass the highest safety levels in the industry. Playground activity tends to be self-adjusting; children seem to have a natural ability to gather and disperse when numbers get too uncomfortable.