FunPoint, Ultimate

The multi-layered and colourful nature of the FunPoint is an open invitation to play and attracts children from near and far. The FunPoint encourages children to explore and try out the many sensory play activities for longer durations. The mix of membranes and hammocks for seating stimulates meetings and supports social-emotional development: The hammock provides excellent body pressure and combined with the gently swaying movements, this provides a soothing atmosphere. The gently swaying hangout pod is another fine meeting point. Apart from their relaxing effect, the gently swaying movements also train the sense of balance. The FunPoint, also offers multiple tactile, visual and auditive sensory play opportunities, with drums, moirée effect panels and not least a two-colour drawing wall. This can be used to create patterns and leave signals. All in all, the FunPoint, is a highly social space that also offers room for individual play pursuits.