Multi Use Games Areas

Multi Use Games Areas

KOMPAN Multi Use Games Areas are the perfect hangout space for kids to play sport and games. It supports activities such as soccer, basketball, hockey, volleyball, tennis, badminton, cricket and netball. Multisport spaces are an excellent accompaniment to playgrounds and fitness spaces, and are a traditional favourite for teenagers and older kids. 

KOMPAN Multi Use Games Area, MUGA, comes in many shapes and sizes, to fit all sorts of sports and environments. This overview contains some of the most popular MUGAs and a few designs for inspiration, so you can build your own MUGA exactly as you want it. Basic solutions in a series of standard sizes are shown for you to use as a starting point. We can help you configure style, play value, choice of materials and accessibility in more than 40,000 ways.

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How to customise a Multi Use Games Area

When it comes to creating your ideal Multi Use Games Area, there are various key elements to take into consideration during the initial planning stages. What do you want the multi sport arena to look like? Is it going to be a football MUGA, a hockey MUGA, or something a little different like a pickleball court? What entry/exit points will you have, and are they accessible for those with disabilities? With over 40,000 design options available for multi-sport games areas and MUGA pitches, it may seem overwhelming to choose the design, surfacing, specifications, suppliers, etc.

But don’t worry, KOMPAN’s experts are here to help. Browse some of our most popular multisport products or our inspirational MUGA cases and solutions, or alternatively you can plan your dream Multi Use Games Area with your local KOMPAN area manager. Reach us by calling 07 3635 6200 for our KOMPAN Australia representatives.

KOMPAN's MUGA pitches come at competitive prices, but we understand that every project is unique. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us for the most accurate estimate based on your specific needs.

The benefits of a Multi Use Games Area

A popular choice of playground equipment for Australian schools and communities, multi-sport outdoor arenas are a very cost-effective solution with the variety of exercise and play values they bring.

Due to the flexibility of a Multi Use Games Area, the list of benefits they can bring is extensive. Here are just a few of the main benefits of installing a multi sport arena:


Multi Use Games Areas are just that – multi use. Whether it’s a group of avid teenagers looking to play 5-a-side or an elderly couple hoping to play a game of tennis, a multi sport arena provides the perfect place for them to enjoy their chosen activities, be it football, basketball, hockey, tennis, badminton, or volleyball. You can even build your MUGA pitches with a wheelchair entrance to make them more accessible to those with disabilities. The possibilities truly are endless, and it is this versatility that can make a MUGA such a great addition to the local community.

Community Spirit

Sports brings people together, and Multi Use Games Areas have the potential to serve as a hub for socialising and team spirit. By installing a multi use games area (MUGA), members of the local area will have a dedicated outdoor recreational area for group exercise. As locals begin to visit the multi sport arena they may find a new passion for sport, make new friend groups, or just generally feel more involved in their community. Beyond the benefits to physical fitness of the users, a MUGA pitch can also help bring together the community and allow for inclusion with the various team sports that it allows for. This benefit of MUGAs is especially prominent in schools where a multi-use games area can, help build social connections and improve overall well-being and unity of students.

Health & Safety

When there is nowhere suitable to go, people will find unorthodox ways to participate in the activities they enjoy. In some cases, this may involve playing sports in the street or on uneven terrain. This is not ideal and leaves members of the community susceptible to accidents or injury. Multi use game areas can provide a compliant, risk assessed space for locals to play group sports and enjoy themselves, helping to support the community whilst keeping everyone safe.

Physical Activity

Falling into a sedentary lifestyle is easy in today's world, but it's essential to prioritise physical activity to maintain good health and well-being. Fortunately, incorporating movement into our daily lives is easy - and local communities are at the center, playing a significant role in promoting such an active lifestyle. By offering opportunities for sport and physical activity, such as installing Multi Use Games Areas, communities and schools can inspire children and people of all ages to get outside. For children, MUGAs can especially promote such development as they provide a great opportunity to quickly change sports, thus continuously offering entertainment in the form of sport. Regular physical activity has been linked to numerous health benefits and an increased overall happiness and quality of life.