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Ship playground sets

When children first pick up crayons, their drawings often include houses, trees, and, eventually, ships. The ship symbolizes a vessel for exciting adventures, storytelling, and imaginative escapades through the eyes of the little ones. Our range of ship playground equipment offers two distinct "fleets." The Robinia Ships showcase the unique character of natural wood, resulting in expansive and one-of-a-kind play features. Additionally, we offer a selection of ship playground equipment designed with crisp, clean lines, specifically catering to younger buccaneers.

Children eagerly climb aboard these vessels, from the compact Caravelle to the substantial Intrepid, embarking on a piratical adventure that sails through the oceans of their vivid imaginations. Along the way, they develop communication skills, understand the importance of teamwork, strengthen their young muscles with every movement filled with stories, and improve their bone density. Whether you choose boat-themed playground equipment or a full-fledged pirate ship park, our ship playground sets offer playful journeys of high adventure on the high seas or perhaps just around the corner from the local shopping strip.

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Pirate Ships

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The Advantages of Pirate Ship Playgrounds

Commercial pirate ship playground equipment is constructed using modular components, allowing flexible adjustments to suit the specific location. For instance, positioning the more active side to face the sunniest spot or pointing the ship in the most visually captivating direction enhances its allure and appeal. Engaging in creative and themed play helps develop language and communication skills while encouraging teamwork and fostering improvement in these areas. When children play, they create games and discover the importance of collaboration to make the most of their playtime. And what better way to embark on outdoor adventures than in a playground featuring a wrecked ship? Through enjoyable experiences, children develop skills that will serve them throughout their lives. If you are searching for other themed play systems, check out our castle playground sets, GIANTS play towers or fairy tale playgrounds.

The Power of Outdoor Playgrounds

Outdoor play is considered one of the most valuable and beneficial forms of developmental activity. The events of 2020 have underscored the significance of outdoor play by highlighting the consequences of its absence. If there are any positives to emerge from the global lockdown, it is the realization of the value of embracing life and the essential role fresh air plays in maintaining good health. The true worth of playgrounds has never been better understood.

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Playground ship FAQs

Do people only place Ship playgrounds in coastal locations?

Certainly not! The thrill of a swashbuckling adventure extends far beyond the shores. It's like assuming that a space-themed park can only be successful if situated adjacent to a launch site - anything is possible with a little imagination.

Are the ship designs in the brochure the only ones available?

No, the ships are available in modular components, allowing for customisation in terms of colour, size, and play features. KOMPAN has established its reputation by attentively listening to clients and observing the preferred ways children enjoy playing.

If we wanted a ship, how long would it take?

Shipment and lead times vary according to the specific play pieces you want to order. Contact our team for an estimate.