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Wooden Pirate Ship Playgrounds

If your playground has been conquered by sea monsters and pirates, then it’s time to get everybody on deck and out to sea. KOMPAN’s Robinia pirate ship play structures are packed with fun, thrilling activities that will have children playing and exploring for hours.

The pirate ship playground sets are filled with places to hide, climb and pretend, helping shape the young buccaneer’s character, communication skills and physical development. These are more than hours of play, they are voyages of self-discovery.

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Just like wooden castle playgrounds or natural climbing structures, Robinia is a timeless and beloved material for pirate ship playgrounds.

The six ‘standard’ pirate ship play structures come in three sizes and can be customised beyond their one-of-a-kind Robinia look. The placement of slides, ropes and even the pirate ship playground structure itself can be manipulated to create the perfect structure and add to the irresistible swashbuckling appeal.

Robinia timber is a triumph of nature. It grows in poor soils, it feeds nitrogen into the earth encouraging other plants, it flowers to be the source of Acadia honey, and its leaves breathe out Co2. It adapts well in urban areas, gracing many boulevards and streets. When cut as timber, the stump regenerates and grows back quickly, making it highly sustainable. The timber is fine-grained, strong and durable - the perfect material for play features. 

Another impressive aspect of Robinia is its natural shape, which dictates how each piece of timber can be used. Each one is unique and brings individuality to each commercial pirate ship playground. 

How to get started with a pirate ship play structure?

Finding the right products from our extensive range is a good starting point. We encourage you to get inspired by the amazing playgrounds we have installed worldwide. Our competent and experienced support team can help you transform your wish list into your unique outdoor solution. Feel free to contact us to ask all your questions or receive a quote.

Frequently asked questions about Robinia pirate ship playgrounds?

Are pirate ship playgrounds just for boys?

No! Girls are just as enthralled by the tales hidden within a pirate ship playground set. In fact, some (mostly unsung) pirates were women like Anne Bonny, Mary Read and Australia's own Mary Bryant. There were also several Swedish, Chinese and French female pirates. When engaging in dramatic play, it’s about character building and in the world of make-believe, where better to express yourself than breaking down conceptual barriers? A chance to be Keira Knightley or Johnny Depp, who’d say no? 

Are the playground ships painted?

Yes and no. The wood can be treated or untreated, the former giving it initially a darker hue, the latter ageing gracefully with time. The wood can also be painted, with features in blue, red and black.

What type of rope is used in the pirate ship playgrounds?

KOMPAN uses a special ‘Hercules’-type of rope with galvanized six-stranded steel wires. Each strand is tightly wrapped with PES yarn, which is melted onto each individual strand. The ropes are highly durable and vandalism-resistant and can be replaced if needed.