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Soothing movements with a natural touch

As infants, we are soothed by our mother’s gentle rocking. As we grow, rocking becomes fun. And for young children, being able to rock on their own is a source of immense fun. Wooden spring rockers allow young children to experience the joy of rocking – either on their own or with a friend. Our commercial Robinia spring riders are hand-carved and come in many adorable shapes that draw children to them. Rocking trains a child’s sense of balance and spatial awareness – senses that ultimately help the child navigate safely in the world and support their ongoing cognitive development.

KOMPAN invented the 'Crazy Hen' Springer in the 1970s, and we've been rocking the world ever since. The Crazy Hen was the world's first play design to deliver a fun, functional alternative to the traditional seesaw. You don't even need a friend or a counterweight to get rocking!

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