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A contemporary tree-climbing experience, packed with challenge and fun. We all remember that special tree that called to be climbed as kids - not because it was easy, but because it was a rewarding challenge. Robinia natural climbing structures create the same excitement for children living in urban areas where trees are few and far between. When climbing up high, a child gets a sense of achievement. Step by step, the child adds positively to their self-esteem and develops fine cross-coordination skills, which form the building blocks for future essential cognitive functions like reading.

Physical benefits of climbing structures

Climbing is fun for kids; they see it more as a game than a chore, so it's an added benefit that the physical activity provided by a natural wooden climbing structure helps to support their development. The physical benefits of a climbing structure include:

  • Increased muscle tone and strength from pulling up their body weight

  • Improved fine motor movements by using hand-eye coordination 

  • Improved gross motor movements as they engage their entire body

  • Sharpened visual perception 

  • Refined speed, coordination, agility, and balance

Cognitive benefits

The mind is trained alongside the body when children play on wooden playground climbers. Benefits include:

  • Practicing decision-making skills

  • Completing activities in specific sequences

  • Problem-solving

Social benefits

Children's social skills start to flourish when playing on natural climbing structures. Here's how:

  • Gaining confidence when faced with challenges

  • Learning to cope with fear and stress 

  • Developing self-reliance when working alone

  • Learning to communicate by using words and actions

  • Learning turn-taking

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Need tips for planning a playground?

How to choose a natural climbing structure

Quality should be considered a top priority and a major factor when deciding which climbing structure is best for your site.

Size is also a key consideration. How big does it need to be? Most natural climbing structures are big enough to allow around ten or more children on at once, however, this also depends on the overall size of your space. You may want to incorporate several smaller structures like an obstacle course or wooden swing set into your nature space to keep children engaged.

It's also important to develop and understand your budget. KOMPAN have natural climbing frames to suit most budgets, from modest to intricate.

What is nature play?

Nature play can be considered anything with a natural feel or appearance. Normally made of wood, nature play equipment is becoming increasingly popular as Australian councils and schools look to bring natural touches to urban and educational areas for children to enjoy.

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