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Swinging – a natural joy

Of all play activities, swinging is an absolute favourite. Whether it’s a quiet moment alone on the classic swing or being wild in a group of friends on the bird’s nest swing, children love it! The Robinia swings bring a natural touch to any environment. Robinia swings encourage fun and social play – swing on the same swing, in a circle or side by side. Apart from being great fun, swinging trains children’s balance and coordination and spatial awareness. These motor skills are crucial for judging distances, navigating traffic safely, and sitting still in school.

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The benefits of wooden swing sets

They look great! As mentioned already, commercial wooden swings can blend into almost any surroundings, be it urbal, natural, or even as part of a woodland trail.

They're good for your health. That's right, swinging helps to release endorphines, gives the thrill factor as you swing higher, and enables youngsters to bond through pushing each other on the swings, not to mention it pushes their fear boundaries and helps them gain confidence.

Help with bonding. Whether it's a parent pushing their toddler on the swing for the first time, or friends helping each other go a bit higher each time, wooden swing sets are the ideal place to challenge oneself, have fun, and bond with those around you.

Excellent Quality

Our Robinia wooden swings are made of Robinia wood which comes from sustainable European sources. It can also be supplied as FSC® Certified (FSC® C004450) on request.