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Swinging – a natural joy

Out of all the play activities in the playground, swinging is an absolute favourite. Whether it's a quiet moment alone on the classic swing or being wild with a group of friends on the Bird Nest swing, kids just love it!

Wooden swings fit into any area – suburban, urban or rich in nature. KOMPAN's wooden Swings encourage fun and social play – swing on the same swing, in a circle or side by side. Swinging trains children's balance and coordination as well as their spatial awareness. And what's more, they're great fun! These motor skills are crucial for judging distances, navigating traffic safely and sitting still in school.

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More on wooden swing sets

The benefits of commercial wooden swing sets

They look great! As mentioned already, a commercial wooden swing set can blend into almost any surroundings, be it urban, natural, or even as part of a woodland trail.

They're good for your health. That's right, swinging helps to release endorphins, gives a thrill factor as you swing higher, and enables youngsters to bond by pushing each other on the swings. It also pushes their fear boundaries and helps them gain confidence!

Help with bonding. Whether it's a parent pushing their toddler on the swing for the first time or friends helping each other go a bit higher each time, wooden swing sets are the ideal place to challenge oneself, have fun, and bond with those around you.

High-quality build

Our commercial wooden swing sets are made of Robinia wood with durable hardware, meaning they can withstand even the harshest environments. This is a must when installing play equipment that will go up against Australia's often-unpredictable weather! Our Robinia comes from sustainable European sources and can be supplied as FSC® Certified (FSC® C004450) on request. Like our wooden playhouses, We also offer a 15-year warranty on our Robinia wood for your peace of mind.

Fun facts about KOMPAN’s commercial wooden swing sets:

  • They are great for children's development

  • They are durable

  • They look amazing

  • They blend in well with various surroundings

The common denominator for wooden swing sets is fun and social play – swing on the same swing, in a circle or side by side. Apart from being great fun, swinging trains the child’s balance and coordination as well as their spatial awareness. These motor skills are crucial for being able to judge distances, navigate traffic safely and sit still in school.

Why choose wooden swings?

Commercial wooden swing sets blend effectively with a variety of surroundings. This makes them perfect for green spaces and urban areas lacking nature play facilities. KOMPAN's commercial wooden swing sets come in various heights and can accommodate between one and four children at a time. An ideal choice for both tight spaces and larger landmark play areas.

What is a natural playground?

A natural playground incorporates the existing surroundings into its design; this could be mounds which can be used to install slides on, or rocks, trees, and boulders to be used as seating or decoration. Natural playgrounds are in keeping with nature and often include predominantly wooden playground equipment and neutral colours such as browns and greens.

Wooden swing warranty

KOMPAN’s commercial wooden swing sets feature robust hardware for longevity. Our commercial-grade wooden swing sets come with a 15-year warranty on the Robinia wood, so you can have peace of mind that the playground can be enjoyed for years to come. Wooden swings work well in rural areas as they blend in nicely with the existing surroundings, however, they also bring a natural burst of life to more urban areas, where green spaces are perhaps few and far between.