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Ninja Warrior Courses & Fitness Playgrounds

Ninja Warrior playground equipment in Australia

Outdoor ninja warrior courses and fitness playgrounds include outdoor exercise equipment that is ideal for engaging kids on school ovals and in public parks. They introduce enjoyable challenges that engage the body, the mind and the competitive spirit. Designed for children between the ages of 8 and 15, ninja warrior courses in Australia provide an outlet for daily exercise in a fun format, offering physical and cognitive benefits.

These outdoor gym units, which can be assembled to create an obstacle course like the ones on the hit TV show 'Australian Ninja Warrior', are excellent for older children to expend energy during school PE classes. Introducing kids to fitness equipment not only promotes physical well-being but creates a fun environment to get active, which sparks a lifelong positive association with exercise. Moreover, outdoor fitness equipment provides an activity space out in the open, encouraging children to participate in physical activities in an outdoor setting where they can enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

Our range of commercial fitness playground and ninja warrior courses includes various equipment pieces such as balance beams, monkey bars, climbing walls, steppers and hurdles to combine in a way that best fits your site for the perfect solution.

Discover our assortment of fitness playgrounds for children and ninja warrior units to reintroduce the element of play into fitness.

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Ninja Warrior Courses & Fitness Playgrounds

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Advantages of Ninja Warrior playgrounds

Establishing a healthy exercise foundation early on is crucial for improving children's overall health. Children require physical activity to enhance their strength, coordination and balance, and outdoor fitness equipment aids in developing essential motor skills while promoting strength and agility. Even as children grow older, they are still drawn to playgrounds if they offer enough challenges and are separate from play areas for younger kids. Challenging structures like these Ninja Warrior playgrounds, outdoor calisthenics gyms and timber climbing trails become even more appealing when they include social hangout spots. However, we also observe a transition where older school children gravitate towards adult fitness and more demanding forms of exercise.

Outdoor fitness playgrounds for schools 

Introducing a smooth transition from play to fitness in schools is logical, as free play is crucial during childhood, while physical training, strength, and cardio become increasingly important during adolescence. However, research also suggests that tweens still enjoy playing, so we always recommend a combination of challenging play systems, such as our Corocord™ rope playgrounds, outdoor obstacle course equipment and fitness playgrounds/Ninja courses to cater to physical activity needs at all levels. This range of fitness playground equipment is as excellent as our fitness range for adults, but specifically certified for playgrounds. Our outdoor fitness equipment provides an opportunity to transition between different activities throughout the school day seamlessly and is particularly suitable for older students in schools who may not engage in traditional "play." If you're looking to build a solution for older users, visit our guide on creating outdoor obstacle courses for adults.

Configurable fitness and exercise equipment

Fitness playgrounds and Ninja Warrior playground equipment are not limited to schools. Thanks to their modular nature, they can be easily customised to suit the precise age or physical activity requirements of children, such as large and intricate solutions for PE classes at school or compact local ones for communities aiming to increase activity among local youth. This is why fitness playground solutions suit various locations, including parks, recreation centres, and public spaces. Not only are they durable, safe, and resistant, but they are also visually appealing. Steel bars can be customised with flexible colour options to blend with the surroundings or reflect a specific organisation or brand identity.  For more information on configurable fitness and sports equipment options, don't hesitate to get in touch with your local Australian play consultant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are outdoor Ninja Warrior courses safe?

Yes! Fitness equipment designed for playgrounds is manufactured to meet strict safety standards. This selection of fitness equipment is specifically certified for use in playgrounds. The equipment is constructed using top-quality commercial-grade materials, ensuring practical safety measures rather than just theoretical compliance. It features slip-resistant surfaces and comfortable grips, while the fall heights are appropriate for children and installed with safety surfacing to minimise potential risks.

Can preschoolers use Ninja Warrior playgrounds in Australia?

The recommended age group for fitness playgrounds is 8 and above. In line with this, we do not advise the use of fitness playgrounds for preschool-aged children.

Are Ninja Warrior parks customisable?

Our playground equipment for Ninja Warrior courses consists of freestanding units, allowing you to select products that are appropriate for your specific area. Similar to our adult fitness range, these units offer flexibility in terms of colour options, and you have the ability to customise the colours of the steel bars to create vibrant expressions that align with your desired aesthetic.