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Unique Play Designs - Increase play duration

Creating standout playgrounds to attract visitors

Some playgrounds appear to be more visited and interesting than others. To explore this, KOMPAN Play institute set out to research what makes a playground more visited and interesting from a user perspective at Frimley Lodge Park, a refurbished playground in the UK. The case study included interviews with 262 adults and 95 children.

The study showed that more than half of the playground’s regular visitors had increased their visits to the park after the refurbishment.

Click the link below to learn more about the research and read KOMPAN Play Institute’s five recommendations for designing attractive playgrounds that, on average, keep children playing for more than 60 minutes.

White paper

Unique Play Designs Increase Play Duration


5 recommendations for designing attractive public playgrounds

  1. Choose unique playground equipment that stands out from what other playgrounds have nearby.

  2. Choose a wide variety of playground equipment for all ages and abilities; this appeals to parents who influence their children’s playground visits.

  3. Remember playground equipment for the youngest children (<5 years old).

  4. Make sure the playground has WOW factor. People will drive a long distance to visit an innovative playground.

  5. Have transparency in design (e.g. use of rope structures or multi-level sites with view points) to ensure easy parental supervision.

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