The whimsical shapes and colors of the Blazer evoke children's curiosity: they want to try it out. The vibrant colors are consciously chosen to support 3+ year olds in their developing understanding of rules play because they can choose their color and make a game of it. The springs make it possible to rock individually or in even or uneven numbers, too. The platform in the middle supports lying and standing. The platform can be used to start games or as a meeting point. Rocking on the Blazer, especially when standing on the middle platform, trains the child's sense of space and balance. These are crucial as a basis of navigating the world securely. Good mastery of space and balance supports other skills such as being able to sit still. When the sense of balance is not developed, children cannot focus on anything else, so it is very important to develop the sense of balance in the early years. The Blazer is a fun, playful way to do that.