Low-Carbon Towers for School-Age Children

School-age children playing on a sustainable conscious play tower

School-age news

Their MOMENTS of play, now made sustainably

Our beloved play system MOMENTS™ just got even better! The entire line is now available in a GreenLine style! Our most sustainable option, our GreenLine versions are made from over 60% post-consumer recycled waste.

Low carbon school-age playground tower


School-Age Towers

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Low Carbon - How?

texmade posts on playground tower made of textile waste

Posts from textile waste

Our sturdy posts aren't soft to the touch like discarded clothing and fibers, but they are, in fact, made from textile waste! This ground-breaking innovation in building sustainably-conscious playgrounds is called TexMade™. TexMade™ posts leave a 60% lower carbon emission footprint than its traditional steel counterpart.

girl climbing on a climbing wall of panels made of ocean waste

Panels made of ocean waste

The panels in an ocean-green hue improve the health of our oceans. They're made from 100% recycled post-consumer ocean waste. These, too, have a lower carbon emission footprint than traditional panels.

closeup of decks on a playground tower made of 75% ocean waste

The new standard for play tower decks

All decks on MOMENTS™ are made from 75% recycled ocean waste. Worn fishing nets, ropes and trawls have new purpose in our play towers; a stable walkway for children to play on!

How the recycled materials are used in our playgrounds

Green - Texmade posts

Handpick your favorite designs

MOMENTS™ School-age towers are designed with school-age children's play specifically in mind. Simply pick your favorite structures to build your complete playground. Swing, slide, climb; all their favorites will be there with our many options to choose from!

school-age children play on MOMENTS™ play tower on playground in Skara

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