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GIANTS - Climbing Structures that inspire adventure

Commercial GIANTS Play Towers are all-in-one multi play units with various play activities that include sliding, climbing, swinging and balancing all in the one unit.

Tall and impressive our GIANTS are the centre piece of the playground - standing tall at seven or nine meters these units draw children and teens to them. Enclosed in various see-through and themed panels children will take their time in navigating and exploring the towers before deciding their route back to the ground.

To climb such heights children will need to use all their arm and leg muscles which helps improve their physical strength and if climbing is not your thing then there are lots of low level play activities that can help cognitive skills.

The panels have printed graphics for extra fun - these are great for children to create their own games and use their imagination.

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Benefits of Playground Towers 

Benefits of GIANT Playgrounds

The first thing you notice about our range of GIANTS is how tall they are and how they dominate the play area - this means children of all ages including teens will be attracted to the units. To reach the top children have to use lots of muscles and strength which helps improve their physical health - low level activities offer a place to have some quiet time before your next challenge!

Having a GIANT in your play area means lots of children can play together which is a great way for children to make new friends and improve communication skills.

Choosing the Right GIANTS Playground Tower 

Choosing a GIANT can be daunting as you need to consider the space available, budget, theme and age group of children - our design team in Galway can help you with these decisions and can provide site plans and drawings to help you decide.

Often the best way to experience the full scale of our GIANTS is to try them out! Why not visit Cahir Playground, Tipperary, Castletroy Playground, Limerick or Prosperous Park, Kildare to try them out and experience first hand the height and themes.

Age-Appropriate Play Equipment for Teenagers  

Children love to play and as they grow older it is important to create spaces they can play and express themselves - our GIANTS range provide a great play experience for teenagers due to their height and play value - other units that teenagers love to try are our BLOQX climbing units and our Galaxy range - all of these units encourage social play, team work and physical activity.

A GIANT will be the centre piece in your play but it can be complimented with other smaller, freestanding units to enhance the theme of your area and provide a complete play space for all ages and abilities.

To ensure your playground meets the needs of the users let us help you with your design and equipment choices - our design team have years of experience in the play industry and can provide plans and quotes to suit your requirements.

Frequently asked questions

1.NWhat is a playground tower, and how is it different from other playground equipment? 

A tall playground tower differs from other playgrounds by centralising and gathering play activities in one play unit. Often activities can be spread out but a play tower is packed full of play value and challenges for all ages.

2. Can they be customised?

Changes are possible so get in contact with our design team in Galway to further discuss your options - we love to hear your themes and suggestions!

3. What is the maintenance process and how often must it be done?

In order to protect children's safety, KOMPAN recommends that all play structures and the surrounding safety surfaces be inspected and maintained to ensure the play area remains safe. Depending on the specific structure, we recommend operational inspections every 1 to 3 months; we have a dedicated maintenance team who cover all of Ireland - contact our spare parts department to learn more about our inspections. To help you maintain your playground maintenance inspection templates are available on

4. Are the play towers safe?

Yes, the posts carrying the GIANT towers use a hexagonal pattern to give a voluminous look and maximum stability. A triangular side tower supports all towers to provide extra support. Our play systems comply with stringent safety standards and include safety features like nets and protection. To learn more about the safety standards for Ireland contact our office in Galway for more information.

5. Where are the Play Towers suitable for?

The play towers are suitable for lots of different areas including parks or schools - the towers can accommodate lots of children playing together at the same time.

Commercial play equipment like our Giant Playground Tower is great if you want to create a centre piece in your playground and attract children to play!

6. How many children can play on a GIANT at the same time?

We don't place a numerical limit for our GIANTS. The GIANTS are of different configurations and sizes and children will come together to play but will move on if it is too busy for them.

All our materials are tested and surpass the highest safety levels in the playground industry.