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Commercial Playground Swings

Swings are a great addition to any playground and are a favourite with all ages! Children love the sensation of swinging high into the clouds and flying through the air with friends or on their own. Swings can help children improve their balance, co-ordination and communication skills when learning how to take turns.

At KOMPAN, we have swings for all ages and abilities - our range of seats include baby seats, flat seats, our you & me seat and our birds nest swing seat.

Our You & Me seat allows for an adult to enjoy the thrill of flying through the air with their children while we have created unique swing options with our CocoWave Pendulum Swing and our Five Way Swing.

Our swing range allows for great flexibility when designing your swing and seat assortment - with a range of post and chain options our seats are designed to suit your needs. This means you can create a swing that suits your age requirements, site and budget.

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    Benefits of Playground Swings

    Besides being great fun, swings contribute to essential aspects of motor-skill development. For example, when swinging, children train and improve agility, balance, coordination and spatial awareness - all necessary skills when judging distance and navigating safely in traffic. The swinging movement trains the arm, leg and core muscles, and the bone density when jumping off.

    Swings can be enjoyed alone or with friends encourage social interaction and communication which helps improve children's language skills.

    With the range of swing frames and seats available children of all ages will be able to enjoy the sensation of swinging high in to the clouds! Adults can also be involved in the experience with our You and Me Seat.

    Choosing a swing can be challenging due to the range of options available - contact our experienced team to further discuss your options.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can I replace the swings in an existing playground?

    Yes, you can. At KOMPAN, we can help advise what swings will suit the space available and we can help remove your existing swing if required.

    2. Can the swings be customised?

    Yes, our range of commercial swings are flexible in terms of colour and aesthetics. They can be customised to suit your theme, site or style of playground.

    3. How much space do I need for playground swings?

    As a rule of thumb your fall-zone in front of and behind your swings should be twice the height of the swing itself. To avoid collision, swings must be placed at least two feet (~60cm) apart. Spacing to the left and right of the swing frames must be at least six feet (~182cm). Our design team will be able to help you decide the best location for your swings.

    4. What are the safety considerations when installing swings?

    A commercial playground must comply with national standards and safety regulations to ensure a safe space for children to play. All playground equipment must undergo regular and thorough inspections.

    Please contact your local KOMPAN sales office for a free quote on your specific service and installation agreement.

    5. Do I need to install the swings myself?

    No, we are here to help. Playgrounds are only safe when all items and equipment are correctly installed. Therefore, assembly and installation need to be carried out by professionals.

    If you choose to install yourself, we can offer support and advice on details such as ground preparation and safety zones.

    6. Are swings just solo experiences?

    Swings are excellent facilitators of inclusive play and train vital social skills while being great fun!

    KOMPAN's Bird's Nest seat offers a spacious place for many children to stand, sit and lay and is inclusive for all. Children must cooperate and negotiate when swinging on a Cocowave Pendulum swing, while the open design allows for easy access.

    7. How much does a KOMPAN swing cost?

    The price of our swings varies according to type, size and design. At KOMPAN, we always aim to provide the best play solution for your specific needs and customisation requirements.

    Due to the range and variety of swings that we offer we would require more information on your needs to provide an accurate price - contact our office for a quote for your playground swing.

    8. Is there such a thing as a modern swing?

    Yes. The technology of a swing is relatively basic, but in recent years designers at KOMPAN have given it a make over. Our commercial swings come in many shapes and materials that are built to last.

    KOMPAN swings can be produced in infused pine wood, hardwood, Robinia wood or hot dip galvanised steel. The swing seats are made from comfortable non-slip synthetic materials with wood inserts connected to the swing frame stainless steel chains.