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Classic Playground Swings

Classic Playground Swings

The classic playground swing is always popular and never goes out of style

The swing is a classic play activity and so is the design of KOMPAN’s playground swings. The traditional A-frame look of our classic swings makes it the preferred design in many playground settings.

KOMPAN’s classic swings can be constructed with as many frame sections as you want bay-by-bay. Furthermore, the swings and swing sets are sure to satisfy all playground needs and will definitely be a popular choice amongst all the playground users.

All swing seats in KOMPAN’s assortment can be used for the classic swing frames and both the standard swing seats and the baby seat are available with anti-wrap clamps to prevent the chains from turning. 

The classic swing frames come in two heights: 2 metres for preschool children and 2.5 metres for school-age children.

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What are the benefits of swinging?

The benefits of swinging, apart from being tremendous fun, is that it trains the children’s ABC: Agility, Balance and Coordination, as well as their spatial awareness. These motor skills are crucial to being able to judge distance and navigate traffic safely. Sitting, laying and standing help train the arm, leg and core muscles. The jumping off builds bone density – the majority of which is built up during the first years of life. Finally, swinging supports social skills such as turn-taking and co-operation.

How can the swings be configurated?

KOMPAN swings can be configured to adapt individual needs and demands. All our Classic A-Frame swings are available in 2 metres and 2.5 metres height with posts of impregnated pine wood or hot dip galvanised steel. 

As seats we offer a variety of Swings Seats like: Standard swing seats, Cradle seats, Toddler Seats as well as Shell Nest Seats and Rope Nest Seats with a diameter of ø100cm or ø120cm. Furthermore, the seats are available with either hot dip galvanised chains or stainless steel chains and if required with anti-wrap suspensions. 

The modular swing system also enable multi-bay configurations with 2, 3, 4 or more frame sections.