A Balancing Act

Balancing & Climbing

children balancing on balancing and climbing playground equipment

Balance and Climbing

Balancing and climbing equipment can be found in every playground - ranging from stepping pods to large climbing rope play areas.

Balancing and climbing are two activities that children of all ages love to do and both help children develop and learn as they grow.These activities can easily be included in a playground using equipment such as somersault bars or stepping pods.

Balancing can help children train their eyes and to concentrate while a good sense of balance will also benefit them in other sports.

Climbing can help children learn how to co-ordinate themselves and they can learn about navigating heights as they climb.

Clever playground equipment is fun for children while also helping them to develop and learn new skills that will be useful as they grow.

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Balancing & Climbing

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Benefits of Climbing and Balancing Equipment 

Balance is vital in just about every aspect of life - we need it as we go about our day to day lives and while it cannot be taught it can be developed. Balancing helps train children's eyesight and their ability to concentrate which helps every aspect of their day and is especially important for school age children. Balancing and climbing activities are often linked and climbing can give children a sense of achievement and help develop cross co-ordination skills.

Balancing and climbing equipment often includes an element of group play which is important for all ages as it helps to develop and improve social and communication skills. This social interaction and group play is unique to the playground and is invaluable as children grow.

All our equipment is developed following extensive research by our KOMPAN Play Institute to ensure all equipment provides unique play and developmental opportunities.

Why Choose Balancing & Climbing Play Equipment? 

We have an extensive range of balancing and climbing equipment suitable for all ages and sites. From natural to metal we have equipment to suit all budgets and preferences. Our balancing and climbing units come in various sizes so they are great units to consider when refurbing a play area or if creating a new play space they can offer a challenging space for all ages.

If you would like to incorporate more freestanding units in your play area to compliment a balancing and climbing area why not consider other favourites such as swings, slides or spinning units.

Picking equipment can be hard due to the range of equipment available - contact our Galway office at [email protected] to receive plans, quotes and design advice.