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Commercial and residential playground equipment differ in several key aspects - the main differences being design, construction, safety features, cost and maintenance requirements. Commercial play equipment is designed for public spaces and strict regulations have to be adhered to, while residential equipment is designed for private use.

KOMPAN commercial playground structures are so much more than just a way of entertaining children - our aim is to provide a space that allows children to learn vital life skills and make new friends while having fun through play. To achieve this we have spent decades researching and testing our public playground equipment to ensure we are constantly designing equipment that stimulates and challenges all children regardless of their abilities.

Whether you are a landscape architect, school principal or a community group we offer a comprehensive range of unique playground equipment to ensure we have equipment to suit all sites and budgets.

Our KOMPAN Design Studio creates customised solutions and centre pieces for your play area that will inspire young children to be active and challenge themselves through play. Our Irish design team will work closely with our Design Studio team to ensure we create a WOW unit for your site that will enhance the local area.

Our passion is helping you create an outdoor space that will provide hours of fun for children and our team in Ireland have been installing public play spaces for over twenty years so let us help you create a unique outdoor space for your community.

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Playground Safety Standards

One of the main differences between residential and commercial playground equipment is safety standards.

Commercial playground equipment and surfacing must adhere to strict safety regulations and certification should be provided for all equipment and surfacing to ensure the safety of all users. All commercial equipment installed in Ireland must comply with the European standard EN1176 and all safety surfacing must comply with EN1177 standards.

Here are some other aspects where commercial and residential playground equipment differ:

Durability and Construction

Commercial outdoor playground equipment is built to withstand high usage and meet strict safety standards. Commercial play equipment is constructed with commercial-grade materials such as galvanised steel, sturdy plastics and weather-resistant coatings to ensure durability and longevity. Only the highest quality materials are chosen to guarantee limited maintenance for all customers - we have built hundreds of outdoor areas throughout Ireland, many of them over 20 years old and still in fantastic working order with the highest play-values in the industry.

Playground Installation and Maintenance

Commercial playground equipment requires professional installation and regular inspections to ensure compliance with safety standards. At KOMPAN Ireland we have our own in-house installation teams who are based in the East and West of the country and who have many years experience in the playground industry. Playground maintenance is typically carried out by dedicated and skilled personnel and we have our own in-house maintenance team based in Wexford who can repair and inspect your outdoor area.

In contrast, private homeowners can install residential playground equipment that will require less maintenance, although periodic inspections and upkeep are still recommended.

Playground Cost

Another difference between commercial and residential equipment is cost. Public playground equipment is more expensive due to the quality of materials used in construction and safety standards compliance. Public use play equipment is designed to withstand high usage so the quality of materials used is superior to those used in domestic equipment.

Types of Playground Equipment

There is lots to think about when designing or refurbishing a play area including:

  • Budget

  • Age group of users

  • Style/Theme of equipment

  • Capacity

With more than a thousand products to choose from it can be difficult to decide what units best suit your needs - let us help guide you -

Classic Play Equipment

Classic play equipment refers to stand-alone play equipment such as slides, seesaws, swings and springers. These stand-alone pieces add fun to playgrounds at a minimal cost and are perfect additions if you are refurbishing an existing area. As with all our equipment we offer a range of colours, styles and themes.

Preconfigured Play Systems

A climbing structure is the perfect way to get the most out of your space - it can provide hours of fun that many children can enjoy together. With a wide selection of play systems available we have units suitable for both junior and senior ages with a range of different activities available.

Rope Climbing Playgrounds

Large rope net climbers are packed full of play activities that help develop children's physical, social and cognitive developmental skills. As children get older it is important to provide activities they enjoy and research has found that climbing structures prompt physical activity in tweens. Both boys and girls of this age love to climb and it is a particular favourite with girls - providing social spaces on the unit encourages them to use it and to maximise use consider putting it in a separate area from the main playground.

Natural Playgrounds

A natural playground has many benefits and provides a great space for children to explore - a natural play area suits lots of environments and is a great way to bring nature to an urban area.

Sport and Fitness Playgrounds

Children need physical activity to build strength, co-ordination and balance so it is important to provide outdoor spaces that children want to use and they feel stimulated and challenged by. Outdoor fitness equipment can encourage children to remain active as they grow older and providing Multi Use Games Areas are great for schools or community areas as multiple sports and games can be played on them.

Customised Playground Equipment

Some changes to our products can be done on our website such as colour and materials but for larger design ideas it is best to contact our Galway office to learn more about your options. We have a dedicated team in our KOMPAN Design Studio that can work with our Irish team to create a unit that meets your requirements. Our Design Studio team are a mix of highly experienced designers, architects and engineers whose aim is to create a unique play unit for your area.

Enhance Your Play Space

When developing or refurbishing a play space it is important to take into consideration all aspects of your site and this includes considering outdoor furniture. Providing seating for parents and carers to watch the play is important and children will often need a break from the fun and need a place to rest. By including outdoor furniture in your play area you will encourage adults and children to stay longer to continue the fun!

Why choose us

KOMPAN has been at the forefront of commercial playground equipment for more than 50 years. It all started with the work of artist, Tom Lindhardt, and since then, architects and industrial designers have worked continuously to create unique designs used in playgrounds worldwide. From the beginning, our focus has always been on the children and child development experts are now part of the KOMPAN team who work closely with our designers in the product development process.

The KOMPAN Play Institute is our in-house research centre that collects data on our products and how children flourish through play. Exceptional playground equipment can assist a child in every step of their development process, pushing their physical limits and sparking creativity while developing cognitive and social interaction skills. Our range, from our standard units to our custom products, are designed with the KOMPAN Play Institute's research in mind, always ensuring evidence-based, functional quality. Therefore, we specialise in inclusive playground planning and developing accessible play equipment.

Our extensive research has set new global standards for ways to play and we will continue to innovate and create new play equipment for all children regardless of abilities. Planning, buying and installing a new playground can be challenging. To help guide you during the process, we offer free design consultations and support at every step of your journey - click here to get in touch with us.

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