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Around the world, people are moving outdoors to exercise. Especially in recent years, we have seen a significant increase in outdoor gym areas in Irish villages and towns . Due to range of equipment we have on offer you can achieve an effective workout in the outdoors.

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KOMPAN designs outdoor fitness areas for all types of customers ranging from community groups, hotels, GAA clubs and many more - with our extensive range of equipment we can provide fitness equipment that matches your specification and budget.

When installing outdoor exercise equipment it is important to install universal equipment that caters to many users. This could be our outdoor cardio equipment or fitness equipment from our calisthenics range or cross training gym equipment. Our outdoor strength training machines have adjustable weights to ensure you get to workout at the correct level of fitness for you. Another amenity that can improve health and fitness in a community is a Multi Use Games Area - our pitches provide opportunities for multiple sports to be enjoyed and they are a great area for group play.

An outdoor gym should be designed with equipment that provides a comprehensive and challenging workout while allowing all users to enjoy it regardless of their fitness levels. Our sales and design team have years of experience in the play and fitness industry and can provide help and advice on your area. Give us a call on 091 704 844 or submit an enquiry form if you’re interested in learning more.

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KOMPAN's outdoor workout stations are available in several designs and materials. You can get obstacle courses and street workout equipment in Robinia wood for a natural look or to bring nature into an urban environment. If you choose equipment from our other product lines you can choose between 14 thrilling colours. KOMPAN equipment is designed for the outdoors and we have been building outdoor activity areas for over 50 years. We use the toughest materials to ensure that our outdoor gym areas will stand the tests of all weather conditions including the varied climate of Ireland where it is often wet and damp. And you get industry-leading warranties on all your outdoor fitness equipment.

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The benefits of KOMPAN outdoor fitness equipment

KOMPAN’s range of commercial outdoor fitness equipment is a result of conjunctive research between our in-house fitness experts at our Fitness Institute and the University of Southern Denmark. They have taken their observations, studies and recommendations to engineers who have developed outdoor exercise equipment that performs at the same level as their indoor counterparts. All products are supported by the KOMPAN Sports and Fitness app, which helps guide, mentor and measure performance. KOMPAN outdoor fitness equipment has many benefits including -

Supports Physical Fitness:

Our range of outdoor fitness equipment has been scientifically proven to get even the fittest of athletes into their maximum heart rate training zone. Cardio products such as our stationary bikes are developed to ensure a progressive and effective workout that helps support physical fitness of both amateurs and professionals. Learn more about our research on outdoor fitness here

Supports Cognitive Well-being:

Various medical institutions have documented the impact of physical activity on cognitive well-being. However, exposure to the great outdoors has been found to deliver its own dose of psychological medicine! Scientific studies have shown that green spaces can lower stress levels and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. KOMPAN’s outdoor fitness equipment combines the feel-good endorphins of exercise with the psychological benefits of nature, helping to support cognitive well-being.

Supports Active Ageing:

As we age, our bodies become less efficient in performing the daily tasks that were once so simple. Designed to cater to all ability levels, KOMPAN’s outdoor fitness equipment is a great way for the elderly to keep fit and healthy. Products such as our City Bike offer adjustable resistance, allowing older users to exercise and progress at a pace which suits them. We even have a dedicated StayFit range for seniors, which has been scientifically developed to support mobility, balance and flexibility!

At KOMPAN we understand the importance of accessibility when it comes to providing quality outdoor fitness equipment for all sites. Carefully chosen combinations of training equipment and surfacing allow for hundreds of different exercises and programs for all fitness levels, making it possible for everyone to stay active and healthy. You can learn more about how to design inclusive outdoor fitness sites here or check out our fitness planning page to see more about how to build an outdoor gym.

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Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Think about some of the great sports of the world: football, rugby, cricket, tennis, golf - what do they have in common? They are all played outdoors! Installing KOMPAN outdoor exercise equipment is a great way to combine the exhilaration of exercise with the extra challenge and stimulation of nature - feel the sun on your back, the breeze on your face or as is often the case in Ireland the rain as you exercise!

There are numerous benefits from exercising in the outdoors. Fresh air increases the flow of oxygen improving blood pressure and heart rate. This additional air flow also assists the digestive system, making it more efficient and aids in dieting. Installing outdoor fitness equipment in parks or GAA Clubs goes a long way in creating healthy communities where everyone helps each other to reach your goals. Being outside, especially among like-minded people, inspires a more active mindset, even upon returning indoors. Just ask schoolteachers how much easier it is to conduct a class after breaks! More oxygen results in increased brain performance, improves concentration skills and provides more energy. In addition, being outside on a good day will help to produce vitamin D from the sun, a necessary nutrient for optimal health and immune support!

Oxygen and fresh air help white blood cells fight bacteria and germs, dilating the lungs and helping clean them. Outdoor fitness equipment in public parks can also help make people happier as endorphin levels increase when we are out in the open. An American study indicated that stress levels were reduced in 71% by simply walking in nature.

The health benefits of outdoor fitness systems continue to be revealed, and now it is easier than ever to create healthy outdoor spaces utilising outdoor fitness equipment that is flexible, durable and suitable for all fitness levels. You can easily combine KOMPAN's top-quality commercial outdoor fitness equipment to design solutions most suitable for your community and we have equipment to suit all budgets and sites.

If you are looking to install outdoor fitness equipment that delivers an effective and challenging workout, choose KOMPAN. An outdoor gym area is a large investment so our design team are available to provide detailed plans and product specifications to ensure the equipment chosen best suits your users.

Can children use outdoor fitness equipment?

While outdoor exercise equipment is often freely accessible to the public, most products are not intended for the use of children. Health and safety considerations are incredibly important, so KOMPAN designs outdoor gym equipment for adults and adolescents from 13 years upwards. For younger children, we believe play equipment provides a much more enjoyable, safe, and engaging way to stay active.