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Outdoor Fitness Equipment

For all users, all purposes, and all locations

Around the world people are moving outdoors to be active and this has been especially true over the last couple of years. So cities, communities, sports clubs, housing organisations etc are building outdoor fitness and sports areas for inhabitants and members.

For all users and purposes

Gyms that want to provide their members with the option to use outdoor fitness equipment while getting a truly challenging exercise. Sports clubs that want the broad audience of members to have a motivating obstacle course as an option. Municipalities that want to make outdoor fitness available for everybody in the proximity of residential areas. Cities that want to make sports courts available outdoors for teenagers and adults to play basketball, soccer, hockey, etc. Senior living housings that want their residents to stay active and have an active senior life

To help children DEVELOP, we design our playground equipment to improve physical, cognitive, creative, and social/emotional skills in order to build key life skills and friendships. For adults, our outdoor fitness equipment is progressively challenging and purposefully resistant. This way all users, no matter how fit they are to begin with, get a meaningful workout. Making communities happier and healthier is in our DNA.

For all locations

Available in several designs and materials. So you can get obstacle courses and street workout in Robinia wood to suit a natural or or bring nature into an urban environment

Made for the outdoors. For over 50 years KOMPAN have been building outdoor activity areas. We use the toughest materials to ensure our solutions stand the test of weather and usage for decades to come. 

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Cross Training

Street Workout & Calisthenics

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Stay Fit

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Obstacle Courses

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Wooden Fitness

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Signs & Accessories

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Outdoor Gym Equipment

Exercise and fresh air go hand in hand in helping to improve people's general health and wellbeing. While some people will enjoy working out in a gym environment, others will prefer to be outdoors in the fresh air. Outdoor gym equipment can easily be incorporated into your daily routine and is a great way to incorporate something new into your routine that promises to help create a dynamic routine that can be changed to suit your needs and fitness levels.

KOMPAN is committed to providing quality outdoor gym equipment and we have created a dedicated research department with experts from the field of fitness to ensure our range meets the needs of all users. Our experts are available to offer advice on what fitness solutions best suit your needs and our design department have created solutions to inspire and help you create an outdoor gym area.

Equipment for All

Our aim it to create an engaging outdoor space that is available for all ages and users to feel comfortable using. By conducting extensive research on an on-going basis our Sports & Fitness Institute have created a range of equipment that is inclusive for all users with the aim of creating outdoor gym solutions that inspire communities to come together and improve their fitness.

Exercise in your Area

With more communities providing outdoor gym areas it is a great way to exercise in your local area and build up relationships with other users. Working out in the fresh air has many positive benefits and has the added bonus of no monthly fees or subscriptions!

Using Outdoor Gym Equipment

When using any gym equipment it is important to follow all instructions and health and safety protocols to ensure safe usage and benefitting from each exercise. Our gym equipment is easy to use and is suitable for all fitness levels. To help you start your fitness journey and to provide advice and routines KOMPAN have designed a Fitness App that will create a routine that is unique to your needs.

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Outdoor Fitness Equipment

With outdoor fitness stations and outdoor cardio equipment, numerous benefits become immediately available. Fresh air increases the flow of oxygen improving blood pressure and heart rate.  This additional air flow also assists the digestive system, making it more efficient and aids in dieting.  Utilizing outdoor fitness equipment for parks goes a long way in creating healthy communities helping users to support individual fitness goals alongside fellow participants. Being outside, especially among like-minded people, inspires a more active mindset, even upon returning indoors. Just ask schoolteachers how much easier it is to conduct a class after recess! More oxygen results in increased brain performance, improves concentration skills and provides more energy. In addition, being outside on a good day will help to produce vitamin D from the sun, a necessary nutrient for optimal health and immune support!

On straight health improvement, oxygen and fresh air help white blood cells do their job by fighting bacteria and germs, dilating the lungs and helping to clean them. Outdoor fitness equipment in public parks can also help make people happier! Endorphin levels increase when we are out in the open. An American study indicated that stress levels were reduced in 71% by simply walking in nature.

The health benefits of outdoor fitness systems continue to be revealed and now it is easier than ever to create healthy outdoor spaces utilizing outdoor fitness equipment that is flexible, durable and suitable for all fitness levels. You can easily combine KOMPAN's top quality commercial outdoor fitness equipment to design solutions most suitable for your community. Even if you want it to fit in to a natural environment, or you want to bring nature into an urban environment you can, with the Robinia Wood product lines.