How to build a multi sport pitch

How to Build a Commercial multi-sport court

Community groups and schools looking to provide sports facilities for all ages often choose to install Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA's) - these pitches are a great solution as they support activity, fitness, social and team play all of which help children as they grow.

At KOMPAN, we recognise how a MUGA can provide a local amenity that is used and loved by everyone in the community.

Building a multi-sport games area, also known as a MUGA, requires careful budgeting, planning and adherence to guidelines to ensure optimal functionality and safety.

Here's a comprehensive guide outlining the essential steps involved in constructing a versatile and durable multi-sport arena -

  1. Site selection and preparation

  2. Design and layout

  3. Surface selection

  4. Construction and installation

  5. Quality Assurance and compliance

  6. Maintenance and care

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1. Site Selection and Preparation

Begin by selecting a suitable location for the MUGA, it is important to consider factors such as accessibility, drainage and local amenities. Once a site has been selected it is important to engage with a qualified supplier so a full site survey can be conducted - this will highlight any site issues and ensure the site is suitable for the installation of a MUGA.

2. Design and Layout

Once a site has been chosen our experienced designers will work on designing a layout that maximises your space and budget while also incorporating a number of different sports. Decide early on what sports you want included so that correct markings can be included in your quote and plan.

At this stage it is a good idea to consider if fencing, lighting and seating is needed on the site. A KOMPAN MUGA solution is never just fencing and a pair of goals. We will ensure your MUGA is multifunctional, durable and meets your needs.

3. Surface Selection

Choose a suitable surface for your sports court based on factors such as budget and intended usage. Options may include synthetic grass or acrylic coatings - both surfaces are durable and long lasting. Ensure your safety surfacing is installed correctly to ensure it lasts and ensure you are aware of the maintenance requirements so as to ensure it is correctly maintained.

4. Construction and Installation

Ensure qualified installers are used for the installation of your sports facility. Follow industry best practices and safety protocols during excavation, foundation installation, surfacing, and line marking. It is important to ensure all equipment such as goal posts, basketball hoops and netting systems are installed according to specified dimensions and regulations.

5. Quality Assurance and Compliance

Before works begin on site our contracts manager will carry out a pre-start meeting with you to ensure the site is ready for the installation of your sports court. As the build progresses he will return to site to ensure all works are on schedule and that no issues have been identified on site. When installing your MUGA accessories it is important to double check all heights are correct to ensure users will be happy to use the new facility.

6. Maintenance and Care

Implement a regular maintenance schedule to ensure your multi-sport court is usable and functional. Perform routine inspections, cleaning and repairs as needed to prolong the lifespan of the surface and equipment. A sign can be installed at the entrance of the court with user guidelines to ensure all users respect the facility.

What are the benefits of a multi-sport court?

Here's why MUGA installations stand out as a cornerstone of community development:

Versatility redefined

MUGAs are a versatile amenity to have in a community - a variety of sports and recreational activities can be accommodated in the one space. From soccer and basketball to tennis and volleyball these adaptable spaces allow people of all ages and abilities to come together and enjoy their favourite sports. Due to its versatility a MUGA can be a cost effective investment for a community or school.

Promoting an active lifestyle

In recent years our lifestyles have become more sedentary so it is important to encourage physical movement at every opportunity. MUGA's provide a safe and accessible space for any one to try sports and fitness activities and often these activities are done as part of a team which can help improve peoples mental health as well as their fitness levels.

Facilitating social connection

MUGA's provide a space for a variety of sports to be enjoyed but they are also social spaces where people come to be part of a team, to connect with like minded people and to enjoy the outdoors. It doesn't matter about age gaps - all ages can enjoy the game and use of the MUGA together.

Ensuring inclusion

Ensuring everyone can take part in activities within a MUGA is a key part of the design - features such as wheelchair-friendly entrances, tactile markings and adjustable hoop heights are all things that should be considered when designing a MUGA for all users to enjoy.

Great for schools and institutions

If a multi sports pitch is installed in a school yard it can be used as part of the curriculum during PE classes - teachers can create games to enjoyed by all students and ensure all students are included in the play. For more school playground ideas visit here.

If a community decides to install a MUGA it is a great way to start new sports teams and encourage like minded people to come together. This leads to a more bonded community and long-term friendships form.

What multi sport court should you choose?

Explore standard multi sport courts below. If you want a customised solution, please reach out to one of our experts.
MUGA, 12x24m, Steel


MUGA, 12x24m, Steel

3+ Years

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Multisport court Dimensions

Basketball, hockey, soccer and tennis are just a few activities you can enjoy on a commercial multi-sport court. Here is a brief overview of the key considerations for each sport when building your MUGA. By addressing each sport's specific needs and requirements, a multi-sport court can accommodate a wide range of activities and cater to diverse user preferences within a single facility.

Find suggested dimensions for your multi sport court below.

Basketball sport court dimensions

  • Dimensions: A regulation basketball court measures 28 meters in length and 14 meters in width, with a hoop positioned 10 feet above the ground.

  • Surface: Choose a durable, high-traction surface such as acrylic or rubber flooring to support fast-paced gameplay and reduce the risk of injuries.

  • Markings: Install boundary lines, centre court line, free-throw line, and three-point line according to official regulations.

  • Equipment: Provide sturdy basketball hoops with breakaway rims and adjustable heights to accommodate players of all ages and skill levels.

Hockey sport court dimensions

  • Dimensions: Hockey courts typically follow the same dimensions as a standard ice hockey rink, approximately 60x25 meters.

  • Surface: Opt for a smooth, non-abrasive surface such as synthetic ice or plastic flooring to mimic the glide of traditional ice hockey.

  • Markings: Install goal creases, blue lines, red lines, and face-off circles to replicate the layout of a hockey rink.

  • Equipment: Install hockey goals with protective padding and sturdy construction to withstand impacts from pucks and players.

Football sport court dimensions

  • Dimensions: Soccer courts vary in size but typically range from 30 to 39 meters in length and 15 to 24 meters in width.

  • Surface: Choose a synthetic turf or rubberized surface with good shock absorption and ball rebound characteristics.

  • Markings: Install boundary lines, penalty areas, goal boxes, and a centre circle according to official soccer regulations.

  • Equipment: Provide regulation-size soccer goals with durable netting and secure anchoring to withstand shots and weather conditions.

Pickleball sport court dimensions

  • Dimensions: A pickleball court measures 6 meters in width and 13 meters in length for doubles play, with a 2-metre non-volley zone on either side of the net.

  • Surface: Use a smooth, cushioned surface such as acrylic or composite material to support quick movements and reduce joint strain.

  • Markings: Install boundary lines, centerline, non-volley zone, and service areas according to official pickleball standards.

  • Equipment: Set up pickleball nets with adjustable heights and sturdy frames to maintain proper tension during gameplay.

Tennis sport court dimensions

  • Dimensions: A standard tennis court measures 23 meters in length and 10 meters in width for singles play.

  • Surface: Choose a high-quality, resilient surface such as acrylic or clay to provide consistent ball bounce and player comfort.

  • Markings: Install boundary lines, service lines, baseline, and centre service lines according to official tennis regulations.

  • Equipment: Provide tennis nets with proper tensioning mechanisms and durable posts to withstand tension and weather conditions.

How much does a multi-sport court cost?

The cost of a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) can vary significantly depending on factors such as size, surface material, equipment and additional features or amenities. Here's a breakdown of potential cost considerations:

Size: The size of the MUGA will directly impact the overall cost. Larger courts require more materials and labour for construction, which can increase expenses.

Surface Material: The choice of surface material, such as acrylic, polyurethane or synthetic grass can significantly impact the cost. Some materials may require extensive preparation and installation, contributing to higher costs.

Equipment: The equipment cost can vary depending on how many accessories you include.

Site Preparation: Site preparation costs, including clearing, levelling, and drainage considerations, should be accounted for in the budget.

Additional Features: Additional features such as lighting, fencing, seating, shelters, and landscaping can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the MUGA but will also add to the overall cost.

Maintenance: Consider ongoing maintenance costs, including cleaning, repairs, and surface recoating or resurfacing, over the lifespan of the MUGA.

As it's challenging to provide an exact cost without specific project details, it's essential to consult with experienced contractors, architects, or MUGA specialists to assess your needs, evaluate options, and obtain accurate cost estimates tailored to your project requirements. Additionally, exploring financing options or seeking funding assistance from grants, sponsorships, or community partnerships may help offset the cost of a MUGA project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good size for a multi-sport court?

MUGA sizes can vary depending on the space available, budget and what the area will be used for. A commonly recommended size for a multi-sport court is around 30 meters by 18 meters. This size allows for various sports with minor adjustments to court markings. It's essential to consider the dimensions required for each sport you intend to accommodate and ensure there is enough space for safe play and movement between different activity zones.

What is the best surface for an outdoor sports court?

The best surface for an outdoor sports court depends on factors such as climate, budget and the types of sports that will be played on the pitch. To learn more about what surfacing is best for your proposed area contact our Galway office to discuss your options.

Which sports can be played on a multi-sport court?

A multi-sport court is designed to accommodate a wide range of sports and recreational activities, including but not limited to:

  • Basketball

  • Tennis

  • Volleyball

  • Soccer

  • Hockey (inline or street hockey)

  • Badminton

  • Pickleball

  • Handball

  • Netball

  • Cricket (modified version)

With proper court markings and equipment, these sports can be played interchangeably on the same court, making multi-sport courts highly versatile and suitable for various user groups and preferences.

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