Playground Maintenance and Repairs Guide

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How do you maintain an outdoor playground?

Congratulations! By choosing KOMPAN as your playground supplier you have chosen a high-quality product that, with proper maintenance, will withstand the test of time and many years of use.

As the owner, you are responsible for maintaining the playground and its surroundings to ensure all play structures and safety surfacing remain safe. In order to protect children's safety and enhance the play experience, a maintenance program should be put in place once your play area is installed.

Playground maintenance involves regular inspections and when required equipment should be removed or replaced if needed. Inspections should ensure the equipment is in good working condition and that the surfacing is clean and free from any damage. Any hazards within the playground should be removed.

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It's time to look at the best way to ensure all play structures and the surrounding safety surfaces are inspected and maintained regularly.
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1. Cleaning

A clean playground is important to ensure the safety of users. It is important to ensure the playground is free from rubbish and if there are bins within the playground these should be emptied on a regular basis. If there is damaged or broken equipment within the playground this area should be closed off until it is possible to repair or remove the units. By completing regular checks of the area you will ensure the area is safe for all users to enjoy.

Daily and weekly maintenance checklists are available to help guide you on the process.

A man in a yellow vest looking at a maintanance issue

2. Maintenance

Over time bolts or nuts might become loose so it is important to regularly check these as they can become dangerous if not tightened. A check on all equipment is necessary - spinning equipment should be tested to ensure the unit spins safely, a cableway should be checked to confirm if it needs to be re-tensioned and platforms and steps should all be checked.

It is also important to ensure the safety surface is in good condition and that all rubbish and leaves are removed.

Guidelines on maintenance checks are available and our maintenance team can help guide you on maintaining your area.

A man wearing a yellow vest maintaining a playground

3. Repairs

Parts may need to be replaced due to breakage or wear and tear. If you think parts are needed please contact our Galway office to discuss what you require - parts should be replaced as soon as possible and until completed the unit should be closed off from use. Our maintenance team can carry out the repair or it can be done locally - all repairs should be carried out as per our maintenance manual and install instructions.

KOMPAN Master provides detailed install instructions and maintenance guides for all our units and can be used to identify any parts needed.

Why is playground maintenance important?

Regular inspections and maintenance is vital for ensuring your playground is fit for use and safe for all users. To ensure your KOMPAN warranty is valid it is important to follow our maintenance instructions.

All our equipment complies with European Safety Standards and certification can be provided for all units - equipment and surfacing installed in Ireland should comply to the standard EN1176 & EN1177.

Keeping children safe
A maintenance programme goes hand in hand with keeping children safe
Protecting your investment
Maintenance will prolong the life and quality of your playground
Following a legislative demand
Your playground must comply with regional safety standards at all times, including maintenance programmes
Enhance the play experience
A memorable play experience ensures children come back again and again

Why use a Professional Commercial Company?

KOMPAN installation teams worldwide have years of experience in the playground industry and offer customers high-quality repair services and maintenance agreements to ensure playgrounds are maintained to the highest standards.
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1. Inspection Services

At KOMPAN Ireland we have a dedicated spare parts and maintenance team who have years of experience in the playground industry - we can arrange maintenance contracts and we provide detailed quotes for any repairs needed. On completion of your playground inspection we will provide a report and photos with our findings.

Get in touch with our maintenance team in our Galway office to arrange a maintenance contract or to arrange a quote for repairs.

2. Service & Maintenance

To ensure the longevity of your playground equipment it is important to regularly inspect and carry out any maintenance required.

The maintenance of your playground could include -

  • Tightening loose nuts and bolts

  • Fitting missing parts

  • Repairing safety surfacing

We can provide a maintenance contract for inspections and we can carry out repairs to your equipment and surfacing. We can also supply and deliver spare parts for the customer to carry out the equipment repair - our maintenance team is happy to help you get the best solution for your play area.

playground installation drawing of a wooden playground

3. Aftersales

To meet all customer needs, we offer different types of service and repair agreements: Even though our playground equipment is designed to withstand the test of time and hours of play, regular inspections of the overall facilities are required.

Please get in touch with our Galway office on 091 704 844 for a free quote on your specific service and repair agreement.

Maintenance Ressources


On our KOMPAN Master website, you can find all relevant product and installation instructions as well as maintenance guides and checklists.

Follow the guidelines below when using our KOMPAN Master website -

  1. Open the webpage:

  2. Scroll towards the bottom of your screen, and in the product number box, enter the number of your product, and click on "Product search."

  3. Once the correct product is found, enter your product's purchase date and foundation type, click the arrow, and then click the "Find Spare Parts" button.

  4. You can now open the instructions directly or download a complete package of every instruction in PDF

You can learn more about how to use KOMPAN Master in the KOMPAN Master Guide found in the left side menu.

Robinia Maintenance

Wood adapts to the local climate, which may cause end openings in the posts. This is natural and happens to all wood species. It is a natural reaction that might appear on Robinia, and typically, this is not a safety or quality issue. However, routine inspections and maintenance are vital and severe deformation must be considered when appearing on essential areas on the play unit.

You can retrieve a complete guide on maintaining and repairing a KOMPAN Robinia product and doing a correct repair if needed here.

Flexotop Maintenance

To ensure the best appearance and long life of Flexotop wetpour safety surfacing, it is important to carry out regular inspections to detect vandalism, shoe marks or other damage before it spreads to a larger area. All repairs should be carried out by professionals who have experience in mixing and installing wetpour.

If you would like to find out more about our Flexotop surfacing, please visit our surfacing page here

When is the right time to replace playground equipment?

1. An unused playground is a clear sign that you need to consider updating your current equipment or adding more units to the area.

2. You receive complaints from concerned parents or users of the playground, this is a clear sign that there is a safety issue to be addressed.

3. Broken equipment beyond repair – It's time to call in the playground or maintenance experts.

Looking for a service or maintenance agreement?

At KOMPAN, we offer to handle all playground maintenance and inspection services. Our team of experts is happy to discuss our different service options. Fill in your details, and we will get back to you soon.

On-site Repairs, Refurbishments and Spare parts

Our team of experts have many years of experience in the play and outdoor fitness industry and will be able to advise you on the best solution for your area. This also helps to save you money and can help you keep within your budget. Once we have completed a site survey, we will establish what can be repaired or refurbished or advise you if a new unit is required.

Following the complete site survey, we will supply you with a fully itemised quote containing our findings and recommendations. With our experience, technical knowledge and skilled maintenance team we can bring your equipment back to use and if a repair is possible it will be cheaper than having to replace the full unit.

Do not hesitate to contact our Galway office for help and advice. Here are some of the things we can help you with:

  • Quote for Spare Parts

  • Installation Service

  • Competitive Service Available

  • Warranty Claims

  • Upgrade Advice

  • Independent Advice on Historic Equipment

  • Sports & Fitness Equipment

  • Multi-Sport Pitches

  • Surfacing

Lead Time on Spares

Lead times can vary depending on the parts required - our dedicated maintenance team will be in touch regularly with updates on shipping and delivery dates from our factory.