Street Workout

Street Workout

Improve your health & fitness with our Street Workout

Our Street Workout products are simple in design but will provide a tough workout based on the Calisthenics system. By using bars of different sizes, positions and heights users can try a variety of familiar exercises to them such as pull ups and push ups and if you are up for the challenge the human flag!

Starting off with our simple Combi 1 Pro the system grows through four more levels each growing in complexity and providing a tougher challenge. The Calisthenic workout is based on a routine in which you train using your own body weight doing exercises which are familiar such as pull up, dips and push ups.

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Outdoor street workout equipment offers more than just exercise. The equipment and environment are an open invitation for group participation. Group activity can be generated by personal trainers, or even by friendships established through community and common interests!

This is why Calisthenic equipment is ideal for outdoor gyms and street workouts and can provide more than just exercise as they also invite group participation and personal trainers and exercise classes can use the equipment to develop their fitness.

Fitness Playground equipment is also now available which are suitable for lots of different sites and are a great way for children to be active and move.

Frequently asked questions about Calisthenics and Street workout

What is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics is a form of exercise that is made up of a variety of movements designed to exercise muscle groups by running, standing, pushing and pulling while using your own bodyweight as a counterbalance.

Who can use this equipment?

All fitness levels can use this type of equipment and it is designed to improve fitness and exercising in the outdoors has many health benefits.

What type of exercises can be done on the units?

Common exercises include pull ups, push ups, dips, sit ups and if you are up for the challenge the human flag!

What is the lead time for equipment?

Lead time is approx 4-6 weeks and our contracts department will confirm this at the time of order.

Frequently asked questions about calisthenics and street workout equipment

What is calisthenics?

This exercise form has been recognized and organized for centuries. Even Alexander the Great and the Spartans used it in their armies. It involves using large muscle groups through running, standing, pushing, pulling, and using your bodyweight as a tool or counterbalance.

How many different combinations of equipment do we need for a full workout?

Calisthenics is a simple workout that offers a lot of flexibility in terms of equipment. However, the more equipment you have, the more exercises you can do. Street workouts are great for quick exercises, but you can also plan a circuit training session with them.

What is the most useful piece of outdoor street workout equipment?

Answering this question is challenging as an effective workout involves incorporating various exercises. Nevertheless, it's worth noting that pull-ups and parallel bars are unique and not easy to replicate in real-life scenarios.

Is commercial calisthenics equipment all-weather?

The equipment has a powder-coated surface that is designed to withstand all weather conditions. However, extreme conditions such as excessive heat or freezing temperatures may render steel bars and poles unusable. Additionally, snow on the surface may also affect its usability.

What is the best surface to install outdoor calisthenics equipment?

To minimize movement upon landing, it is necessary to have a surface that can absorb impact. Pour-in-place rubber surfacing is a good option as it is both flat and smooth, and its open structure allows for quick drainage.

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