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Stay Fit

Agility & Abilities for All Ages

We can do nothing to stop the passing of time but we can try improve and maintain our agility and abilities. The more physically active you are the better your health and fitness will be and our aim with our Stay Fit range is to help older people improve their balance, navigate uneven surfaces and help them to manage steps and stairs. These skills form the basis for our units and we have worked closely with university programmes to study what the body is capable of doing in older years.

These units are ideal for older people in any environment and can also be used in terms of rehabilitating if an accident was to occur.   

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Our aim is to provide equipment older users will benefit from and which will help them maintain and improve their fitness levels using a range of exercises.

Stay Fit Questions

How many people can participate at the one time?

The units can be used by many users at the same time and while exercising with friends users have the added bonus of enjoying their exercise time!

Is it easy to use the equipment?

Yes - each exercise is simple and as users continue to use the equipment they will grow in confidence.

How long should I exercise for?

This is dependent on your health and fitness levels - start slow and build your confidence in using the equipment and your fitness levels will improve gradually.

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