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Outdoor Strength Training Equipment

KOMPAN is changing the face of outdoor workout equipment. After years of research at our Fitness Institute, we have developed state-of-the-art gym equipment that is suitable for use in the great outdoors. KOMPAN’s outdoor weight sets combine key elements of traditional indoor gym equipment, such as adjustable resistance, with the hardwearing durability and safety considerations needed for an outdoor environment. The result is high-quality commercial outdoor strength training equipment that delivers a progress, effective workout for users of all fitness levels.

What is weight training?

Weight training is a form of physical activity that involves contracting muscles against an opposing force to create resistance. This resistance induces muscular stress, which in turn builds strength and endurance. The opposing force can be created with the user’s own bodyweight, for example by performing leg lifts on an outdoor sit up bench, or by using dedicated fitness equipment such as dumbbells. There are various commercial products available to support weight training, including functional training stations for outdoor gyms.

Various forms of weight training have been used to build strength since ancient times, with Chinese warriors using rocks as outdoor weight sets and Egyptian athletes lifting bags of sand. Modern weight training is often associated with the rise of the bodybuilding community in the mid-1900s, and today it is a popular form of exercise for both amateurs and professional athletes.

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Using weights to build strength

For many gym-goers, a popular way to build strength is by using weight machines. Weight machines are designed to guide users through a pre-determined range of movements, making them a great choice for newcomers and those who struggle with free weight exercises. KOMPAN offers a range of outdoor weight training machines, including our popular chest press machine for outdoor gyms.

The adjustable weights on KOMPAN’s outdoor weightlifting equipment continuously challenge users as they progress with their training. Our upper body strength machines offer up to 80kg of resistance, and our outdoor leg press machine packs a whopping 120kg of resistance. The adaptability of these products means they're suitable for users of various strength levels, making them an ideal installation for both public fitness sites and private outdoor gyms.

Even without access to an indoor gym, people are finding creative ways to weight train – such as doing pull-ups on playground equipment. With more people looking to incorporate strength training into their exercise regime, commercial outdoor strength training equipment is a great way to support fitness in local communities across the UK.

Why bring strength training outdoors?

An effective weightlifting workout can be achieved indoors. So, why take strength training outside?

Additional Level of Challenge: Indoor gyms offer a controlled environment free from the outdoor elements such as wind, heat, or rain. When you take strength training outdoors, users are exposed to an additional level of challenge that can help improve endurance and stimulate the senses. All KOMPAN outdoor strength training equipment is designed with climate-proof materials to provide a comfortable workout, regardless of the weather forecast.

Access to Fresh Air: Outdoor workouts provide access to fresh air, as opposed to the re-circulated air that is blown around gyms and other indoor environments. Fresh air increases the flow of oxygen, which in turn helps to improve energy levels. It also supports our white blood cells, the digestive system, and serotonin production. When users train using outdoor weightlifting equipment, they are not only improving their strength but supporting their health in other areas, too.

Encourages Vitamin D Production: Exercising outdoors provides exposure to direct sunlight, which encourages the production of vitamin D. Vitamin D is incredibly important for immune system function and can help improve the body’s resistance to certain illnesses. Not only this, but vitamin D has been found to support mood regulation and may help reduce symptoms of depression. This means that outdoor strength training equipment can help users strengthen their muscles and immune system at the same time – what a win!

Key features of KOMPAN outdoor strength training equipment

Adjustable Resistance: KOMPAN’s outdoor weightlifting equipment is designed for users of all strength levels – from absolute beginners to experienced weightlifters. Our strength machines feature adjustable weight resistance from 5kg to 80kg, providing a progressive workout experience.

Robust Build: Built with hardwearing materials, KOMPAN’s outdoor strength training equipment is designed to withstand tough climates. Our equipment handles are treated with a special coating to avoid excessive heat or cold, and all equipment undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure it can withstand excessive use.

Ergonomic Design: Fitness is not one size fits all, and we have taken many considerations to ensure that everyone has fair access to effective exercise equipment - regardless of size or ability. For example, KOMPAN’s commercial outdoor strength training equipment features a choice of grip areas to accommodate users between 140 – 205cm tall, and the height of our seats has been specifically chosen to provide easy transfer for wheelchair users. These are just a few of the ways that our ergonomic design supports a comfortable, adaptable workout.

Looking to install outdoor fitness equipment?

If you are on the hunt for high-quality outdoor fitness equipment, look no further. KOMPAN’s extensive catalogue offers a range of fantastic products, including outdoor street workout sets, outdoor fitness area cardio equipment, and obstacle course equipment and parts. Contact our experienced team today by submitting an enquiry form or giving us a call on 01908 201002.