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Cross training is amongst the most universal of exercise routines - all ages and abilities will benefit from adapting their routine to include cross training with the added benefit of being outdoors with easy access and no sign up fees!

Each unit KOMPAN design has been carefully researched by out Sports & Fitness Institute and is suitable for the demands of outdoor climates.

Our product line - Cross Systems, is not just appreciated by those who work out - in 2017 the system won the Good Design Award in Australia and the European Product Design Award.

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As the demand for activties such as cross training, calisthenics and street workouts grew it was important to reflect this demand with our range of equipment. All fitness equipment has scalable resistance which allows everyone to train at their own level.

Exercise groups can use these training units and can become a social time for users which is a motivator to continue to use them and benefit from exercising in the outdoors.

Outdoor Cross Training Questions

How durable is the equipment to wet conditions?

Our units are very durable and are built to last using the must robust materials so weather should not be an issue in must climates.

Do the units come with instructions?

No instructions come with the units but they are easy to use and our KOMPAN app can help guide you during your training.

What are the benefits of cross training?

  • All users regardless of age and ability can use the equipment

  • Reduced risk of injury

  • Training in the outdoors can improve your health and wellbeing

  • Build strength and endurance

  • Easily incorporated in to your daily routine so you are motivated to continue to use.

What is a magnetic bell and how does it work? 

The ball comes in three weights - 6, 9 and 12 kilos and it goes up and down an aluminum post. The inner core contains magnets that create a resistance, so the faster you move the greater the resistance and if dropped it will accelerate but the magnests slow it down creating more resistance.

What happens if you drop the bell?

When dropped, it accelerates but the magnets slow it down by creating greater resistance.

Is there an option to change the colours?

Yes - there are seven standard colours but speak to our sales team to find out more.

What is the target group?

Specifically made for a universal appeal from beginners who can choose to start at their own level. Elite athletes can also set their own level. Clear signage enables maximum benefit from every session.

Does KOMPAN's cross training enable social interaction?

Our outdoor gym training stations are designed to enable people to train side-by-side. For trainers, this means a fast overview, enabling them to offer support and guidance where needed. Besides that, our sites are installed with breakout facilities for rest periods and social interaction. 

Can cross training systems be used for professional purposes?

Our outdoor functional training solutions are designed to provide therapists and other health specialists access to equipment that is comparable to what they normally work with in their professional setting.